bad gagging reflexes got ya down ?
turn that frown upside down !!!

okay seriously i was talking to a close friend of mine and she was telling me how she cant seem to suck her boyfriends dick the way he wants her to ,, meaning he totally wants pornstar deep throat action. in her case i honestly think she cant deep throat because she is simply thinking too much about trying to suck it perfect which is causing her to gag. even though the gagging sensation may pleasure some guys ,, they dont understand that some women prefer not to gag because they rather not be facing a pile of their own vomit within a matter of seconds. most can control the reflex but in other cases some people really cant !!!

pharyngeal reflex or gag reflex is a reflex contraction of the back of the throat evoked by touching the soft palate ( soft tissue in the the back of the roof of the mouth ). it prevents something from entering the throat except as part of normal swallowing and helps prevent choking ( like on the dizzzick lol ). different people have different sensitivities to the gag reflex. some people experience what is called a hyperactive gag reflex that makes life difficult ,,causing them to gag at almost the thought of anything getting near their throat.then there are some people who have no gag reflex at all!! like sword swallowers learned how to suppress their gaga reflex over time. but sometimes not having gag reflex can be a symptom of a number of severe medical conditions ,, such as damage to the glossopharyngeal nerve ,, the vagus nerve ,, or brain death. however i've read some studies that state up to one-third of healthy people do not have a gag reflex ( lucky bastards ).

what causes a gag reflex ? :

there are actually two ways to cause this reflex ,, 1- actually sticking something down your throat or 2- its all psychological ,, in other words thinking that you are going to gag on something actually causes you to really gag. have you ever seen or thought of something nasty ,, like your parents fucking and started to gag ?? this is main problem when it comes to sucking dick. most of yall are thinking too much about the wrong thing !! your first thought is probably like " ugh this is nasty as hell omg this nigga doesnt wipe after he pee ,, he shakes ,, and im about to throw his dick in my mouth " or the famous one " i dont know how and im going to choke." just by thinking these thoughts off top BITCH YOUR GONNA GAG. some of you hoes can suck dick perfectly fine you just DONT want to but as the saying goes " what you wont do ten other hoes will. " so if your one of lazy hoes who just dont wanna suck the peeeeen *exit left please*. as for you troopers who arent selfish and want to over come this in order to please your man i may have some solutions for you sista girl !!


those of you trooper bitches who suffer with a gag reflex are not capable of stopping this completely from happening but there are ways you can train your own throat to prevent gagging too much in other words THERE IS A GOD! to be able to prevent gagging all you have to do is train your throat ,, if your problem is physical ,, but when you are dealing with a psychological gagging reflex you have to be able to convince yourself that you are not going to gag in order to prevent it from actually happening.

here are some ways to help :

Brushing Away Your Gag

while you are brushing your teeth use your toothbrush to brush your tongue. some people say that the vibrating sensation of a battery powered toothbrush helps desensitize their gag reflex more than a regular toothbrush. slowly work the brush backwards towards your throat while gently brushing your tongue. do this until you feel the gag about to happen and hold it there for as long as you can slowly working it back in forth. this method takes time and many repeat practices so take your time and don’t expect results the first time.

Use Your Thumb

this works much like the toothbrush method except you use your thumb working it backwards on the roof of your mouth until it gets to the soft palette. it is most important to give yourself time when trying to reduce or get rid of your gag reflex, it takes time and practice. rushing could possibly result in serious non-reversible nerve damage. OUCH !!

Throat Sprays

buy many over the counter sprays that will numb the area of the soft palette. you can purchase them at walgreens ,, cvs ,, riteaid ,, whatever pharmacy drug store is near. you can also go to a sex store because they provide different flavors to make it easier !! even though this method only lasts for about 15min max its the easiest way to go especially during sex. but beware of the sprays containing menthol it can produce an unwanted burning sensation and you dont wanna scare ya nigga away lol

Muscle Relaxers

this is sort of a last resort in my eyes because it requires that you see a doctor so that you can get a prescription for a muscle relaxing medication. try not to become dependent on the medication any meds for that case especially if you plan of sucking dick frequently. please consult your doctor first.

fellas: there is no excuse !!!!
ladies: whatever method you decide to use im almost positive your boyfriend will appreciate the effort !! tell me how it goes deep throat troppers =]

shall we meet again?

Love At First Sight





ok i know all kinds of thoughts are goin through yo head right now when u look at this picture. some of you are like:

oh hell no

what u should really be saying is " this is simply amazing " .

most people ,, well females are confused about this piercing ,, they dont do the math and believe the hype. first off this isnt a "clit piercing" ,, this is a clit hood piercing. a clitoral hood piercing is a female genital piercing through the clitoral hood (the skin above)surrounding the clitoris. there are two main types of hood piercing, the vertical clitoral hood piercing and the horizontal clitoral hood piercing. neither of these piercings penetrates the clitoris itself. but since the vertical piercing is the best for sex thats the only im gonna talk about =]. clitoral hood piercing and an actual clitoris piercing are two different things. to get your actual clit pierced is rather difficult. piercing the clit itself requires you to have a huge fucking clit in order for the piercing to be safe. yo hood cannot rest too tightly on the clit itself cuz it would irritate the piercing. and you need to find an EXPERT piercer. not just any ole muthafucka ,, you need someone who is the michael jackson of clits and knows how to pierce em. because if someone performed this piercing wrong you could LOSE sensation and if they performed it on a clit that is too small you could have yo piercing reject(grow out)which could leave as my guy bestfriend would say "a buscuit" on yo pussy lmfao !!

dumb bitch: so whats the piercing its self like ?
me: *cough*cough* ok lemme skoo you bitch

almost every bitch with a pussy can get their hood done.(sorry guys bitch niggas cnt even tho u have a mindset like u have a pussy this is only for real girls with real pussies). we all are physically and anatomically suited for this piercing!!(yay). one way you can tell if u can get it done is the q-tip test ,, which can be done at home. this "q-tip test" shows that this woman is a perfect candidate for a VCH piercing. here is how you can do it at home. 1- lubricate or wett with water a regular cotton swab 2- place it under your hood so that most of the tip disappears 3- if most the tip is hidden under yo clit hood yo pussy is ready to be blinged out ccheeeaaaaaaa!!! like most genital piercings the healing process is relatively short due to the amount of blood flow to the area. during the healing period however, the piercing is a wound and can increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. so dont get to juiced bitch you still have DO & DONTS. read carefully !!!

" NEVER touch your piercing with dirty hands. Wash hands immediately before touching or cleaning your piercing every time.

The best place to clean your piercing is in the shower. Allow clean water to run over and saturate the piercing before you begin to wash it. This will help to soften and wash away some of the dry, crusted discharge from around and on the jewelry. Remove the rest before washing with a wet cotton ball.

For at least the first week or two, take showers instead of baths. Sitting in a bath tub could introduce bacteria or harsh soaps to your genital area, causing irritation or infection.

A soap product is not necessary for most - you don't want to kill the healthy bacteria that live in the genital region. A simple sea salt or saline solution wash twice a day (and after sex or masturbation) is sufficient unless you start having a problem. If you feel you need to cleanse the area more thoroughly, use a mild liquid anti-microbial soap (like Provon or Satin - ask your piercer about availability of similar products) and clean the piercing by applying a tiny drop of soap to piercing and jewelry. Then thoroughly rinse by applying clean water.

Pat (do not rub) piercing dry with a clean, dry paper towel or similar paper product. Do NOT use washcloth or towel, as these are breeding grounds for bacteria. Thoroughly clean piercing once a day for the duration of the estimated healing time for your particular piercing. Remember, this is an initial healing period only. Your piercing will not be completely healed until many weeks after the initial healing time is over.

DO NOT use any ointments, creams, or astringents on your new piercing.

DO NOT allow your piercing to come in contact with any bodily fluids for the first few weeks while it is healing. This includes saliva as well as semen. So, you are not restricted from sexual activity, but a condom or dental guard must be used for any and all sexual contact, or you are putting yourself at risk for infection. This includes masturbation and/or the use of sex toys.

BE SURE that everything that touches your piercing is clean. This includes clothing and bedding as well as your hands. If you experience itching or severe discomfort, you may be having a reaction to your laundry detergent. Switch to something without all the stain-removing and bleaching agents. "

dumb bitch: ok well you explained the shit but explain why hoes even get it
me: rolls eyes do i really need to explain that ? smh

the clit hood piercing enhances sensation DUHHHH. if you look at the picture at the very top you can clearly see the buttom ball sits directly on top of the clit. what most pple dont know is bitches get hard too ,, during fourplay or sex the clit gets hard and forms a solid ball round shape which rubs against the piercing. well most myths about walking and bussin a nutt are false but having this piercing during sex makes its 100000000000000000000 times better plus its super cute as well(hehe). if you dnt have a clit hood ring i feel bad for you. yo dumbass is missing out and yo boyfriend is a dumbass for stickin around with a boring bitch. so get crazzzyyyy get you a ring and master it ,, yes thats it be a RINGMASTER bitch =p.

shall we meet again ??



ok so i know a few of you may be wondering where the fuck i went ( m.i.a via twitter&fb ) weelllll i deleted both social accounts. i rather not go into detail about why i decided to deactive both accounts but just take this note: when in a relationship social networks are a no No NO!. sadly i do miss my 1068 followers and my nosy ass family on fb but O WELL.
so pejai what have you been up to
not a damn thanggg lol ive been working alot so i havent had time to do anything but jack off and watch spartcus blood and sand *btw andy whitfield the main character is hott!!* i just changed my major from fashion marketing to psychology then from there ill go to under graduate skoo for sexology bayybayy lol.
anywho my 21st bday is coming up !!! whooooot ill be drunk somewhere thats a promise :)
just as the rest of my good shit post i will begin my random ramble 3. .2 . .
nicki minaj ass looks nasssssssty ,, im beginning to hate thursday nights ,, devin got a hello kitty ring ,, la pinata is gross as fuck ,, wiz kahlifa kush and oj is rather smooth ill be seein him may11th ,, umm candace sent me nakeys -_- ,, i love k.martin ,, my mom and dad are annoying ,, im tired of fussin can we just get these nutts bussin ,, a few weak bitches been stalking me ,, working this graveshift and i aint made shit ,, jdaveyy baby and im goneeee
OH p.s -young ass diggy simmons will get raped on site =}
shall we meet again??