OPEN YA EARS FOO : Justin Porter

ok this is my first music blog. it may be my last because im trying not to be like those other blogs out there who update you on the new music and blah blah all that bullshit !! NOOOO NO NO!!! im here to put you on game ya know. so check it. i was on myspace a few months ago and i came across a music page. first off most of the music on myspace is GARBAGE lol. soorry people a hot beat aint shit and most of yall dont have a hot beat lol. any who i came across this guys page (Justin Porter). i fell out instantly. music to me is kinda like a persuasive essay the first 45 seconds of a song are very important. and let me tell you mr.porter's 45 seconds had my ears drums craving more and more. his beats sound professional not like the music i hear(you know made by the fruityloops application ,, with that same ass clap every second). he has one song called "give it to you" ,, not only is the beat hott but he was sayin shit i wanted a nigga to say me to.(yes people i did get a tad bit moist). the thing i like about his music is that he doesnt try and sound like anything else ,, straight original and i dig that. music is always at its best when you can listen to the lyrics and vision them happening to you. ive had his song on my myspace for about 3 months lol maybe even longer. i feel like good music is like gossip so im spreading the word ,, JUSTIN PORTER SLAPS lol. he also has a blog as well as a myspace. so show him love tell em dollfcekilla sent ya !!. www.myspace.com/jpthe13th

Robert Is In The Building

yes bitches my god-son is here !!! Robert the third aka lil rob. this shit is crazy yo lol i cnt believe i got a god son. for the longest i would turn my face up when my older family members asked if i was ever going to give birth. but its beautiful i might fuck around and get knocked up. of course when the time is right lol. the funny thing is when my play sister(donyae) first told me she was pregnant i was wishin for a boyyy. she went to the doctor and i guess she found out it was a girl ,, to be honest i was pretty bumbed but shit i was still happy i was gonna be a god mom. then when she was pushin so called nacoyah out she became robert lol. now i got a beautiful soon to be mackin ass god son yea!!! congrads to big robert and donyae botley and the addition to the family !!!! jan 30,2009 you beeezzzzzyyyyy !!


you tripping if you kissing

first off i just wanna say kissin is hella nasty lol .. i say it all the time. i cnt watch people kiss or ill vomit. so if you are ever kissing and you hear " oh hell naw ,, go get a got damn room i dnt wanna see that shit " ,, its probably me lol. people mainly guys ask me how i get in the mood before intercourse without a whole punch of kising. its not that i dnt kiss at all but i would prefer not to. most of the time when i kiss its because who ever im kissin has forced me lol. i usually dont need to get in the mood for intercourse ,, im pretty much ready to go all the time lol. but if needed i will kiss other body parts to avoid kissing on the lips. when i was in the 5th grade i had a bad kissing experience(yes he tried to eat my face) i was pretty much through with kissing after that. i have a phobia of saliva(slob) ,, and to make matters worst those girls on flavor of love made me never want to kiss again lol. not only is kissing down right nasty but is dangerous and harmful to your health...(reallyy ... ooh yesss really my friend) mononucleosis has been called the kissing disease for a while now and it aint noo kiddy illness either.
you can suffer from sore throat ,, fever ,, weakness ,, very tired ,, sleeping a lot ,, dizziness ,, tenderness in the abdomen. people complain they just cnt stay awake long enough to concentrate ,, physical activity tire them out easily. symptoms may take four to six weeks to show. shit people have infected others without knowing. lol you might wanna think twice before you go around slamming yo tongue down some hot girl or guy's throat. lol i know yall like damn pejai you make me not even wanna kiss anymore lol. i guess they are gonna have to start making tongue condums lol. soo ladies and gentlemen its safe to say you trippin if you kissing lol.

the RIGHT one (aintnosuchthang)

so i guess in life theres a time line :
1- pass 8th grade
2- go to high school
3- attend junior and senior prom ,, during senior prom get wasted and laid.
4- go on to college
5- first two years of college be a total slut bag
6- last to years meet the love of your life ,, your soul mate the RIGHT one

but is there really such a thing as the right one?? ok lets take jayz and beyonce for instance. hov is labeled one of the hottest rappers in the game. and on top of that he has wifed the hottest bitch in the game(well to society or the public because personally beyonce is just iight ,, gay pple make her hotter than what she is). look to the left ,, dont they look like just the perfect couple. both on top of the game arent they just the right ones for eachother ?? (wrong !!) remember those rumors going around about hov and 106's and park's vj free ,, or how he and rihanna got a lil thang going on, or how bout those two dumb hoes (super head && nas ex-wife/babymama) saying they slept with him and soo on. what if they were true. lets just say right now breakin news this just in beyonce's husband jayz ,, the RIGHT one ,, admits to geting free pregnant and fuckin rihanna ,, would he be the RIGHT one then. honestly people that RIGHT one soul mate shit is wack and no im not just some bitter bitch who hates all men because i got played this and that time. i dont hate men ,, i dont think all men are just alike ,, if i did i would be a got damn lesbo. but what im sayin is that how can you say someone is he RIGHT one for you and with one little mistake they can be the wrong one. come on think about it ; beyonce is sitting down with her sister solange and mother tina talkin bout how jay is her soul mate and blah blah then BOOM !! there goes the 808 bomb on her ass ,, her nigga hov been cheating. so what he aint the RIGHT one now huh?? one late night when beyonce is away he decided free's ass is just as big and wanted to bone ,, and nigga slip up one time and his RIGHT one title is snatched. what im saying is yo nigga aint perfect i dont give a fuck how good the dick is how much attention he gives you and all that good shit he a nigga he got two nutts and one dick just like every other nigga ,, sex runs through his mind every 3 seconds just like every man with a dick does. shit i aint got no dick imma always thinkin bout slappin something lol. so what i dont get is why everyones running around here like i want the RIGHT one ,, when everyone is the right one until they make one mistake. people need to stop puttin so much pressure on there mates. when im in a relationship im pretty firm about how i run. aint no circle shit with me. and the only way you will get another chance is if you truly proved you learned from yo mistake. people get there hopes up about a relationship and when the shit dont go right they wanna walk around like fuck niggas and bitches aint shit and all that. everybody aint what they cracked up to be feel me ,, you cnt knock a nigga for not being perfect if you aint say they were in the first place. aint nuttin wrong with being in love and thinking you have the right one. but let me kick some game to you love aint never stopped nobody from cheating or slipping up and making mistakes. so that right one you running round here claiming can prove they are the wrong one. the RIGHT one nawww aint no such thang.


ummm the introooo

see that girl up there ,, well i wouldnt say girl ,, more like the soul of an old skooo pimp trapped inside a undercover sex kitten's body. yea thats me pejai(pj) and as you can tell im not too happy with the fact i have a vagina. any who i created this blog for one reason and one reason only. REASON: for most of my life i have always been timid not really saying too because i was always taught to be seen and not heard. i would get bullied and all sorts of crap because i would never speak up for myself. then one day i woke up on the wrong side of the bed(which is either side for me) and said ," fuck it !! ,, bitch this is america ,, you have the freedom to say whatever you like however you like when the fuck ever you like !!! ". . .but hell that didnt work either. i would get looked at as a " bitch " because i would see a 385lbs woman at the buffet ,, takin advantage of the all you can eat special complaining about how huge she is and out loud state a well known fact. BITCH YOU FAT LEAVE SOME FUCKIN FOOD FOR US! after been called a bitch and not keepin a steady friend because of my reactional out loud thoughts ,, i realized there is a time and place for everything. a light bulb went off and BAM ,, here i am sitting on my bed with a cup of hott chocolate,, listening to the sweet sounds of porn and typing this blog!! just like the fat lady at the buffet ,, i will take full advantage of voicing my opinion about everything(if its worth writing about). here i am people DOLLFCEKILLA !!