during my little mini vacation in la ,, i drove all the way to culver city from northridge to drop some dickhead off and came across a store called Pure Delish. I thought to myself oooo geesh another over the top porn store with horrible outfits and cheap looking toys with some guy as the cashier/manager.
as devin and i walked in we were completely blew away. everything was soo girly and pink ! it wasnt like any store ive been in. (take it from a a girl who is always in adult stores buying movies ,, toys and etc..) in the middle of the store was a stripper pole with cute pink chairs surrounding as if a go-go dancer was getting ready to perform.
oh!! and the customer service was greaaaaaat! i know alot of people usually feel uncomfortable coming into an adult store ,, because they usually arent in touch with their sexual side or in touch with themselves period. but the customer service was like we were even in a store ,, as if we were at home. i feel soo bad because the lady that helped us ,, i forgot her name ,, but she was a TOTAL DOLL!! she was a cute strawberrie short cake honey with a hot pink short hair cutt! she was all dolled so cute you couldnt help but want to dress up right along with her !! she showed us so many cute get-ups ,, sexy candy ( a huge chocolate penis sucker ) and the toys !! half the toys Pure Delish carried i had never seen. i was so used to seeing just the regular 3 speed toys when she started explaining the toys and how they worked i felt like a 5 year old kid in toyRus! One toy actually caught my attention it was a strap on vibrating starfish that can be used to tease the clit while having intercourse ( i know what a treat right !! ) the image to the right shows the butterfly version. this a hands free strap on made from soft silicone and is water proof !! and yessss i bought it people!! i felt it was a must have for my pleasure lol.

after purchasing my new cute ass toy ,, the lovely store owner began showing me halloween costumes and how soooo not pricey they were !! she had everything i could ever want in life in her store !! because i didnt live in the area she explained to me how Pure Delish just launched a website. and let me tell you ladies the website isssss to die for darling !! the site has wayy more items then the actual store !! i mean from footwear ,, sexy gifts ,, bridal items ,, a for him section ,, wide range of costumes ,, swimear ,, accessories ,, club wear and theeeee list goes on!! i want every gurl to know about Pure Delish !! so get like martin lawerence and run tell that !! if you dnt have just a lil Pure Delish in your life ,, you pretty much suck = p . This company doesnt degrade women it makes each woman understand there is nothing wrong with being girly ,, sexy and comfortable with your sexually !! im all about sex and exploring so why not explore in a sexy lace too-too from Pure Delish !!!
Here is a little from Pure Delish in their own words :
( from pure delish website )

About Us
Pure Delish began in 2000 when we first began selling privately to go-go dancers and exotic dancers in the New York City area. We worked with New York's hottest night clubs to establish theme nights, and made sure the club's dancers always looked their best. With the owner's dance background, and an eye for fashion, Pure Delish became an overnight sensation! We became known in the industry has having the best prices in town, and grew our business the old fashioned way: with great customer service. In 2001 we launched a website and by 2003 we had opened our first store in Long Island, NY. After some ups and downs within the company, we decided to move our operation to Southern California to re-focus our energies and go back to basics where we could spend less time worrying about managing a store front, and more time making our customers happy.

Our newest venture, puredelish.com, launched in 2009 to delight customers with a new, fun way to explore their sexuality. At Pure Delish, it is OKAY to want to play. We feel that the bedroom is your kitchen, and we want to help you whip up dessert! We invite you to ask questions, and to try new things. We strive to provide you the best prices on the most innovative products, in a fun and comfortable environment.

We also looooooove working home parties. If you have never had a lingerie/toy party, you are in for a treat! Nothing is better than grabbing your best girl friends together for drinks, laughs, and girl talk! Let us host your next get together where you and your friends can shop in a safe environment, all while you earn free stuff! Contact us at parties@puredelish.com for more info.

The Cupcake Club

We still love our dancers!! Is your profession is in the club or adult industry? Are you a go-go dancer, burlesque performer, exotic dancer, adult film star, or do anything that pertains to the adult entertainment industry?

Join the Pure Delish Cupcake Club! Contact us at cupcakeclub@puredelish.com. We offer a variety of discounts, promotions and services to help out our customers in the industry. We understand what is it like to HAVE to spend a portion of your pay on clothing and accessories, and are here to help! We will do what it takes to earn your business, save you some money and keep you as a loyal customer!

Do not hesitate to contact us at service@puredelish.com. We would not exist without your continued support, and sincerely thank you. Be safe and have fun!

PureDelish.com- Making Mouths Water Since 2000

p-s: what can you do to help Pure Delish
go on the website or if you in the la area head over to culver city
and write a review for Pure Delish ( type in pure delish location culver city ). you can also keep up with the Pure Delish blog !! www.puredelish.com/blog ! thanks for the support guys!

Got Paul ?

yes yes yes yall its the man himself ,, for those of you who dont know Paul Alexander Pugh beeez the name and all the hott shit you aint never heard or seen beeeez his game. this dude is the reason why i even started a blog. this past labor day weekend he opened his apartment to devin keiana and i. not only is he fuckin rad but he is the coolest house host ever lol !! between keiana throwin up on his carpet ,, me spilling pinkblush on his bathroom rug he still remained his cool. lol of course he had a few guest over the gurls and i didnt mesh well with ,, paul still made us feel at home =]. nothing is ordinary about this guy you name it he does it. dont be surprised if you hear him as a local radio personality or hell on tv!! i just wanted to say paul thank you sooo much for the good time and laughs ,, for always showing me love and supporting my blog. when you see this dont thank me for it because you deserve it !! ilydude :-*

pauls facebook - search paul alexander pugh

pauls blogspot - http://theepaulpugh.blogspot.com

pauls twitter - http://twitter.com/theepaulpugh

Santa Monica

this past labor day weekend the gurls (devin & keiana) and i decided to go down to la for some fun....here are a few photos of us at the beautiful santa monica beach enjoy =]