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VampInc. is a dance crew out of san leandro california my lil brother gary aka g-code is in. they are actually good ,, support them there is nuttin like young kids staying outta trouble to do things they love!!



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i told yall i fuck with bad bitches lol
that was one of my bff keiana
like her ???



Sexting (a portmanteau of sex and texting) - is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between cell phones.

" . . . digital abuse - writing something online that wasn't true, sharing information you don't want shared, writing something mean, spreading false rumors, threatening physical harm, impersonation, spying, posting embarrassing photos or video, being pressured to send naked photos, being teased and encouraging people to hurt themselves.

A study conducted by the Associated Press and MTV found that 50% of 14 to 24 year-olds have experienced some type of digital abuse. The study, released on Thursday, also found that 30% had either sent or received nude photos on their cell phones or online. But when you break down the numbers, 10% actually sent such messages, which is in line with a previous study done by Cox Communications that found that 9% had sent a "sext." Females are slightly more likely to share a naked photo of themselves (13%) than males (9%) while youth who are sexually active are more than twice as likely to send such photos (17% vs. 8%). Perhaps more disturbing is the finding that 17% report having passed the image to someone else and just over 9% have distributed the images to more than one person . . ." - from cbsnew.com by Larry Magid

yesterday ,, while at work ,, i recieved a text message from a friend who said her ex-boyfriend began posting nude pictures of her online after a bad break up. of course i was in shock like WTF but i was in even more shock when she asked me what should she do. im writing this blog to educate everyone i can on this virtual swineflu. whether its via email or text it has killed self-esteems and lives. it will continue to keep doing so a rapid rate if everyone is naive about the consequences of being careless ( on both ends ). i dont care if he/she shares nude video or photos with everyone around town it is not I REPEAT not ok for YOU to spread them. if fact it is illegal ,, yes muthafucka believe it or not and this aint no damn ripleys. if the person you are spreading pictures of in under age you can be charged with child pornography if you are an adult ,, if both are adults you can be charged with defamation ( a false accusation of an offense or a malicious misrepresentation of someone's words or actions ,, aspersion: an abusive attack on a person's character or good name ). it doesn't matter what the personal relationship is or was,, bitch its illegal !! if photos are placed on the internet,, it is a federal crime and the FBI should be contacted.it is illegal to film ,, record ,, or photograph someone without their permission ,, and even when permission is given ,,it is illegal to share or post those recordings ,, photos ,, or videos without the person's written permission. if they are used in a negative way toward you. it is a type of assault. if they are used to cause you embarrassment or emotional trauma ,, it is Aggravated Assault. you need to report it and file charges. people don't understand how powerful the send button is !! young teens have killed themselves from the backlash of sexting or digital abuse.

example :

it may be amusing or even funny for the first five minutes but the long term results can be fatal. next time you think about sending or FOWARDING a nude or sexual explict video ,, think about my blog please and the things that can happen to you or that person. you never know it can happen you to or someone you deeply care about. there are enough assholes in the world lets try and be different for a change. . . .

-for more information on sexting & digital abuse visit http://www.athinline.org/
-if you or someone you know is a victim of sexting or digital abuse and is thinking of comitting suicide please call 800 - SUICIDE the National Suicide Hotline or 911
-if you or someone you know is a victim of sexual abuse please call 800-656-HOPE the National Sexual Assault Hotline



it seems miss all american barbie isnt all miss innocent after all. who knew miss barbie was such a filthy bitch ,, hell if i knew this all along i woulda totally jumped on the Barbie movement years ago !! lol these fuckin rad but disturbing pictures were created my the wonderful mariel clayton.

" Please do not message me to leave smug sanctimonious comments about how my work upsets you, and won't I please think of the children, and how I must have been through some very bad times to get to this place, and how these pictures show someone with such a 'dark' soul, and how troubled I must be..

You know jack about me, other than that I have a sharper sense of humour than you.

If you really want to 'protect the children' - stop wasting your and my time leaving trite messages and be a parent. " -
ms. clayton

welp enjoy !!


queef (pussyfart) - An expulsion of trapped air from the vagina during or after sexual intercourse (usually fast paced or deep). queefs are known to have a "wet" sound and occur when an object, usually a penis, creates a vacuum of air inside the vagina, usually because of a certain angle or position, or because of use of a condom, and happen when the penis or object is removed or pushed deeper into the vagina. In women with extremely prominent labia and tight vaginas, a "pussy fart" may resemble a growling noise not unlike that of a feline, which may have given rise to the term "pussy" for the female genitalia.

ok im here to set the record straight about this tall tale of queefing aka pussyfarting. ive had countless conversations with male and female peers who have mixed emotions about the whole pussy fartin topic. most males are thrown off after hearing the sound and wait for the foul smell. pretty much all females are embarrassed. when it first happened to me i was like awww damn pejai did u just fart lmfao. come to find out it was just my sweet juices lol. so many people think bad things about pussyfarting. ive heard "you only fart if your loose" ,, which is totally false because in order to even produce the farting sound you need pressure and u cant have any pressure if you have no walls. sorry boppers looks like your pussy wont be farting lol. the doggystyle position is the position queefin mostly occurs. your ass in the air cheeks spread open ,, which invites more air in and believe it or not your pussy is actually tighter in the doggstyle position which creates the pressure. so ladies next time your ushy gushy and start queefin ,, dnt be embarrased,, embrace it ,, and tell your partner your kitty is meowing and that he or she is stroking her right. release that pussy air fart and be proud !!

shall we meet again ??



since im in a relationship now ive been using my *pooh* to test out new ways to keep your partner excited.

1-while your partner is driving start masturbating either with finger or handy vibrator
2-video chat naked
3-random pics/videos straight outta the shower
4-while on date (either dinner ,, club ,, movie or etc. .) dont wear undies and tell your partner slowly in the ear that you dont have any on
5-while out with mutual friends ,, text you sweetheart something dirtyy

hey i wouldnt steeeeeer you wrong always works for me =)

STFU: justcantshutmyplayboymouth

(clearing my throat)
why muthafuckas act like "freedom of speech" is a fragment of someone's imagination?? i mean what is the big deal?? people get soooo up tight about the things i say or do. come on !!
first off IM GROWN
three off IM GROWN BITCH
the whole reason i started dollfcekilla.blogspot.com was because i was bored!! then pple really started following it so i was like fuck it why not school you hoes on a few things such as sex and etc. . .but ever since my nuclearlipstickshit started kickin off you hoes been bumpin yall gums. i mean everybody ,, coworkers ,, twitter followers and just random ass people. they say "all you talk bout is sex" ,, " why are you such as freak and blaaah blahh ". STFU!! Since when did being a freak become against the law? To set the record straight ,, im OPEN ,, im in touch with myself ,, i know who the fuck i am what i like and how the fuck i like it. i make my own money ,, pay my own shit and last time i checked i was a us citizen so i can say whatever the fuck i want. maybe its the fact that you punkbitches mad at me cuz im feeling myself and i have no problem speaking my mind and you cnt without worrying about what other people think. if i cared about what other pple thought id be walking around here like every other broad screamin ITS BARBIE BITCH because i thought it was cool. GET REAAAAAAL ,, barbie is fake and so are u hoes. dnt knock me because i can say shit and not worry about a damn thing after its said. life is way to short to care what you you you or YOU think. if you dnt like my twitts unfollow me,, if you dnt like my blog get the fuck off of it. honey its as simple as that. it takes way more energy to constantly knock me than it does to just keep it lit. to be honest you hoes need to be worshipping the ground i walk on cuz most of this shit i be throwin yo way on this blog is the reason why you still got a nigga. all im sayin is bitch dont bite the hand that feeds you. . . .
shall we meet again??