solange performed at the house of blues in chicago on wednesday night as an opening act for estelle. here are some pictures of her on stage and back stage with her cute ass son juelz ,, enjoy =]


OPEN YO EARS FOO : New Omarion

WHAT YOU ROCKING : Beatrice Brown with Browns Focus

beatrice brown ( a st martins fine art grad ) is tooooo beasty !!! using images from magazines & high-profiled campaigns with a touch of her own paintwork has created some sick ass emo shirts lol. man i love these i would so wear them with some hot nikes (air max) and a pair of boyfriend jeans. there are more pieces like this as well (sick huh) even guys can wear these lol ( yes its possible think outside the box geesh) ... any who if you wanna see more go to :


i hate doing blogs about celebs ,, and on top of that who they are dating ,, but OMG!! ok so i finally found out what this chicks name is ,, Amber Rose. any who kanye and i can dress my ass off have been seen everywhere !! i guess pple are hating on them already ,, ive read a few other blogs and i havent seen anything nice (damn lol). but i think i speak for all when i say kanye has officially stepped his game up i hope they stay an hot item for a while !!


LET ME PUT YOU ON SOME GAME : Leaders Of The New Skool

last night i was aiming one of my guy friends and he was telling me about this party he went to in daly city on saturday. he was raving about how smackin it was ,, ugh lucky for me i was freakin sick so i missed out on a bomb ass party !! after a couple of minutes of talking about the party ,, it hit me it was a l.n.s party (leaders of the new skoo). the funny thing is right after that light bulb went off another guy friend of mine ,, skip (who is actually in l.n.s) ,, hit me askin me did i get a chance to make it and how it was a success. then another got damn light bulb went off (those darn light bulbs lol) ,, why not put you blog readers on some game !! so here they are ladies and gentlemen THE LEADERS OF THE NEW SKOO !! to introduce you more in detail about this young group of leaders i interviewed one of their own flyboyskipp:

DOLLFCEKILLA: where did the name leaders of the new skoo come about and what makes you believe you all are leaders of the new school ??

FLYBOYSKIPPER: Well actually its pretty simple. The name kinda fit us well. && we never follow the usual trends or do what other ppl say is "cool" We stay in our own lane && ppl feel we are kool because of that... the world is filled wit biters && as much as I hate the word... swaggerjackers is not really a good look so we stand out by being us...&& the actual name itself... ppl prolly don't know it but that was the name of busta rhymes group when he first popped on the scene in 92 I believe but yeah that's it in a nutshell

DOLLFCEKILLA: i hate that word too ! ,, so about how manyy members are there in l.n.s ?

FLYBOYSKIPPER: Umm lets see...I'd say 13... we have fam left out for skool or other endevors but around here we got a main core of 6 that everyone sees for the most part. We got me of course ,Kool john , Rossi ,Rance aka yungstudd , Pop && rob. Shoutout to the whole fam tho "we deep out here blaad" *grimey voice*

DOLLFCEKILLA: so out of 6 who do you think has one of the strongest personalities in the crew ? , beside you of course .

FLYBOYSKIPPER: Uhh... that's a hard one... umm I'd have to say Rance. He's like the koolest guy I know you can start a convo up wit him about anything. And he'll make you laugh. yeah all that... plus yungstudd be the ladies man. Lol

DOLLFCEKILLA: so for people who dont know tell me what does l.n.s actually do ?

FLYBOYSKIPPER: well actually... we were first put on from being in a dance group called The Main Event... we were real popular in the richmond area from being in the local talent shows && performing @ the high schools && stuff... but now we do a lil bit of everything, we got some involved in music, actin, teachin dance at afterskool programs, but we really got our "fame" so to speak from promotin parties...&& you can't forget about the shmopfests.:-D

DOLLFCEKILLA: speaking of parties one of my guy friends was at your most recent party in daly city. . .he said it was wild lol can you recall one of l.n.s wildest parties ?

FLYBOYSKIPPER: Wild as far as hella fun? Or wild as far as hella dangerous?

DOLLFCEKILLA: the fun wild ?

FLYBOYSKIPPER: Oh... ok... well sheesh... man... the wildest party we had wasn't even @ a club or anything... we revolutionized the concept of the house party. We call them shmopfests... it where we bring all the elements of a club atmosphere drinks etc. && we put it into a three story house in the suburbs. its literally the best party you ever been to.. IN YOUR LIFE. Its us in our true element.... you gotta come to one... but anyway... this particlular one we had a theme of jerseys, athletic gear shit like that... man.... shmoppin... you can see the pics on the page....We've had 7 so far... we had to lay low for a min cuz it was gettin too hot... too many ppl started hearin about em && we didn't wanna attract the wrong croud.But we got one in the making... && its gon be BIG SPRING BREAK!

DOLLFCEKILLA: an old skoo kidd&playy house party i mos def need to go ,, if you could describe l.n.s in one word what would it be and why ?

FLYBOYSKIPPER: Hmmm....Solid. Cuz... umm.... together we can't be stopped.Lol that sounded hella cliche

DOLLFCEKILLA: lol it did but thats a good one lol ,, what makes l.n.s different from other promotional crews such as preppy sensation ,, bay night life and etc . . .

FLYBOYSKIPPER: Man... lemme tell you about these niggas man............(laughs)jk Umm actually... ppl enjoy themselves @ our events... not really no drama...A lil birdie told me that pse be wit the shenanegans... they make the money they wanna make then they have someone start a fight or shoot in the air to shut the shit down.... I dunno if its true or not... but I don't remember the last time a pse party DIDN'T get shut down... not cool && we actually collab wit baynightlife a lot... were affiliated wit them thru worldclass ent. So yeah they're cool.

DOLLFCEKILLA: yea actually attended a few pse parties and i always have to question if its gonna get shut down ,, how do you think l.n.s has improved from when you all first started out ,, promoting wise and as a crew as a whole ?

FLYBOYSKIPPER: Promoting wise I feel we've gotten more of a followin due to the quality of our events... && ppl having fun will generate a buzz among the ppl && that's what's happening.... && as far as a crew... we grow stronger everyday... when ur with ppl a lot && u have fun wit them a lot you tend to form a bond... so yeah were brothers by now.. && we can't go nowhere but up

DOLLFCEKILLA: so what can pple look foward to coming from l.n.s in the future ?

FLYBOYSKIPPER: Man.... Entertainment..... shmoppin ass parties... new trends to be followed, && the ladies can look forward to the lapdances(winks)

DOLLFCEKILLA: lol i will personally update readers on the lapdances lol ,, is there anything else you would like to say or any shout outs before we end this interview ?

FLYBOYSKIPPER: Umm... first off shout out to pejai sexy ass( thats me =] )...oh && shout out the extended lns/shmop team... there will be a lns mixtape comin out soon... don't worry I'm not rappin or singin ima leave it up to the rest of those guys lol. && yeah.... fly boy skip signin off. .
as far as im concerned retro kidz and cool kids better look out cuz l.n.s may have them running for their money. for more info on l.n.s parties ,, pics ,, crew members and more visit:

Betsey Johnson Fall 09

aaaahhhh yea boyyyyy bj has been cooking up some new stuff check it out !!

New Coach Line

coach has a new collection coming out this july. lately coach has been stepping their game something serious !! i was so used to seeing the browns and blues and grays they had out but they have like neon colors and shit now !! as you can tell im excited its like a breath of fresh air! the new collection has a youthful taste to it and im sure it will do good with sales.

the coach poppy collection will debut in july at coach boutiques nationwide, along with department stores including; bloomingdales, macy’s and on coach.com. price ranges for the collection will retail from $198-$598.


i been tryna figure out who this bald headed chick is that is in everybody's videos ,, apparently she is some hot model(whatever lol). any who kanye has taken some interest in her considering that fact they have been spotted everywhere together. honestly i think this is a hot couple i mean look at their style!! who else woould wear a bow tie with a played out jean jacket ,, and that bitch got red liqiud leggings on !! its pure entertainment ,, i hope kanye dnt chris brown her lol cuz he is known to spazz out lol



i really dont wear jordans anymore ,, not because everyone has them but not cute ones have came out. well the christmas package was hott but i fuckin missed out and didnt get em !! im still mad at my self for that shooot !!!! but the jordans now are ugly iono what mike over there doing cuz they all look the same now like air force ones and shit. but i love when old numbers come out in a new age version. like these ones !! these are hott !! im not a big fan of pink but shittttt imma where these to church on easter lol. the release date isnt posted up on 23isback.com yet but i will fasho keep checking back. and everybody keep yo fingers crossed for some cute jays in may(my birthday month). and there is this cute ass juicy bag i will cash out for that match these kicks. ugh im soooo excited. i havent been excited for jordans since my hoodrat days lol

NEW SHIT : Google Phone # 2

i already have the g1 but the g2 is gonna be sick !!!! totally killin the iphone ,,i cnt wait .. ive been trying to catch release dates but no official date is set. tmobile is fuckin with it eeeeyyyyy lol

Behind The Scenes : Every Girl

More Pastry Plz(article from tba)

It looks like the Simmons sisters are taking Pastry up a notch, even though they’ve been in a little bit of “hot water” as of late. The duo announced last week that their partnership with August Accessories, will design, manufacture, and sell the Pastry Accessories line. The girls will play a major role in the design and creation of the accessory collection.

Dan Maravilla, Vice President Of Sales at August Accessories Says: “It makes perfect sense, Pastry is young and all about moving forward, not looking back and we are geared in much the same way. We are excited to launch this new collection and believe the response will be tremendous.”

Pastry Accessories will be available at select department stores nationwide and is slated to arrived in stores come late spring / early fall - just in time for the “Back To School” season. The collection will range in price from $15.00 to $150.00 dollars.

because i love angela soooo much i just threw in a lil video :

angela simmons - center of attention


Drake - Sooner Than Later



Good Shit

dollfcekilla ft. shedevil && sywhatitdo
this weekend wassssss wild !!!!! heres a recap
paid 25 for a parkin spot UGH
swoop cboy
met up with sy dev and sheshe
dave akicks kam along with cboy came over cracked jokes and slept over
went to sleep at 5 woke up at 8
kicked the boys out
drove to frisco in hail
my fuckin room was leakin so i had to get repair man man man man on they ass
back to s.l to get dress for a pj party
swoop talika from bart
harrassed my lil bro and his friends
dev drove my car to san jose
left the lights on while in the pary(4 hours)
shook the fuck outta my ass and sweat my hair out
got a few numbers (yo know)
fight broke out party ended
niggas started bussin and my car battery was dead so we sat there for 30mins and watched niggas shoot up hella shit
almost died
finally got a jump
went home
got written up at work
good shit

NO VOCALS ft. shedevil


i was at home one dat off work one night flipping though some comcast on demand movies on the showtime network. i came across a movie called " very very young girls " , shit first thing that popped up in my mind was porn lol. but after clicking info and reading about the movie it turns out that it was a documentary about commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking of children. what shocked me the most is because it was taking place in the u.s (the movie setting is in new york). you only hear about the trafficking of children in 3rd world countries so when i seen it was in new york it hit home for me.
Facts about Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSEC):
• The Department of Justice estimates the most frequent age of entry into the commercial sex industry in the United States is 12-14 years old.
• Approximately 325,000 children in the United States are subjected to sexual exploitation each year.
• According to a 2007 report from the NYS Office of Children and Family Services, over 2,200 children are victimized through commercial sexual exploitation in NYC alone.

here is a clip of the movie :

watch the documentary on demand, on SHOWTIME in your home with friends and family in honor of GEMS. showing NOW through march 3rd. contact gems
Girls Educational & Mentoring Services
(212) 926-8089 · info@gems-girls.org · www.gems-girls.org

A ol I nstant M essager : OMG WTF LOL

are all apart of a new language that is swiftly kickin proper english to the curb. aol instant messaging as taken over every computer and phone there is. aim , nick name for aol instant messaging , been around for years!! its not until the t-mobile sidekick came out with a portable aim application as a part of the cell phones software did it get major exposure. everyone has a freakin aim now lol ,, dude my mom has one lol. its the new textin and new from a dating also. cuz now adays people dont give there number out ,, when im out guys always ask for my aim and hardly ever ask for my number. aim does have its downs tho. drama easily will spiral from aim. away messages and custom availables do tend to cause problems lol. but all a side aim is pretty fuckin coo and i think everyone should get one lol !!!


Good Shit

so im just at the house chillin on my day off tryna recover from a fever and a hangover watching porn as usually. so anywho this porn star lacey duvalle is doing the splits on the couch getting her shit pounded and im like eeeyy that looks hella fun then (bing light bulb) i thought to myself why not blog about my fun weekend. anywho my cuzzin sy(up there and yes she is younger than me hard to believe) had a kick it/party at her house. i worked a short ass shift that day and i was ready to get off so i can shake my asss on some peen lol . . . speakin of peen when i go to the east bay i always stay at my moms. but apparently she sent my brother of and had booty call plans of her own sooo i couldnt go home after the deal at sy house!!! any who my nigga macdev came and got me right so we pullin up to sy house and they close neighbor was having a party also. my crazy cuzzin qiqi was already over there drunk in shit so me and dev was like fuck it we gettin on to lol. to be honest iono what i drunk i think it was either grey goose or white rum ,, shit it was prolly both then i washed em down with a wine cooler and half of devs 2. so nigga im on mine you i had a shot of hen earlier lol and everybody knows when im on ITS ON. so im try so im tryna be coo just because i hadnt been drunk since new years. anyways maymay and all her friends was on maymay ass was throwin up in shit. my bestest edwin was there ,, kam & jay and few other niggas. but cboy had me on my back the whole night " miller mad he got a wack ass lip ring and i got a tongue ring ha ha" -cboy i heard that all night. then miller and akicks was roastin dev hair lol too funny.. alot of shit i dont remember OH i remember hoppin in the car with a hottie (wink) .. then rrunnin to 94th so see some more hotties lol. after that i was pretty much toasted lol. woke up hella early still was on hair all fucked up in shit. my nigga mr.nice was tryna roast me cuz i was on and lost my memory. muthafckas was hittin me sayin i was being rude (sigh) i get that alot lol. sunday i was dead at work iono how i made it through that 8 hour shift. lol i came home threw hella snacks together watched the l word a lil porn then went to sleep. good times man. . .

Furburger Feasting : Got A Plate

so i guess lil wayne not only has guys getting a whole bunch of tatts ,, he also has young guys running around with their tongues out waiting for some chick to sit on their face. its the new trend eatting pussy. frankly i think the shit is outta control. i mean come on guys already have like no standards lol and now they are eatting coochies like a dollar menu burger. the funny thing is about 4 years ago nelly and 50 cent were throwin verses in there songs about fur feasting and every guy would frown their faces up like " oh no ill never eat the pearl that shit is nasty. " now we got not only wayne but plies too starting a whole pussy eatting movement!!!! let me get something clear : they are famous. what fully functioning women wouldnt want a tatted up millionaire thats thuggish and has sex appeal eattin them. for all we know they prolly dont eat the pearl it could just be for marketing scans to sell more records or something. either way it if they were famous or not i think its fuckin nasty how every guy is paintin the inside of his mouth with pearljuice. and what kills me half yall niggas dont even eat it right!! yes yes ladies beware there are niggas who will hurt yo ass and will literally try to eat yo shit. i have sooo many bad experiences with guys thinkin they plies or fuckin wayne. im talkin suckin the clit to hard where you can feel the teeth got bite marks and shit. or you can get the nigga that just licks up and down ya know the no tongue combo niggas. OH then you got them niggas that watch too much damn porn and think they can finger you and lick it aint the same time. NOOOO POTNA !! but the worst ive ever had is a nigga that just slobs too much and sucks the kitty hair. ugh like ive gotten so turned off with getting head lol . all im saying is if you gone run around here with ya tongue out nigga please make sure you can fuck turn some tricks damn !!! (but to the niggas who can get down things can be arranged =] j.k)