bad gagging reflexes got ya down ?
turn that frown upside down !!!

okay seriously i was talking to a close friend of mine and she was telling me how she cant seem to suck her boyfriends dick the way he wants her to ,, meaning he totally wants pornstar deep throat action. in her case i honestly think she cant deep throat because she is simply thinking too much about trying to suck it perfect which is causing her to gag. even though the gagging sensation may pleasure some guys ,, they dont understand that some women prefer not to gag because they rather not be facing a pile of their own vomit within a matter of seconds. most can control the reflex but in other cases some people really cant !!!

pharyngeal reflex or gag reflex is a reflex contraction of the back of the throat evoked by touching the soft palate ( soft tissue in the the back of the roof of the mouth ). it prevents something from entering the throat except as part of normal swallowing and helps prevent choking ( like on the dizzzick lol ). different people have different sensitivities to the gag reflex. some people experience what is called a hyperactive gag reflex that makes life difficult ,,causing them to gag at almost the thought of anything getting near their throat.then there are some people who have no gag reflex at all!! like sword swallowers learned how to suppress their gaga reflex over time. but sometimes not having gag reflex can be a symptom of a number of severe medical conditions ,, such as damage to the glossopharyngeal nerve ,, the vagus nerve ,, or brain death. however i've read some studies that state up to one-third of healthy people do not have a gag reflex ( lucky bastards ).

what causes a gag reflex ? :

there are actually two ways to cause this reflex ,, 1- actually sticking something down your throat or 2- its all psychological ,, in other words thinking that you are going to gag on something actually causes you to really gag. have you ever seen or thought of something nasty ,, like your parents fucking and started to gag ?? this is main problem when it comes to sucking dick. most of yall are thinking too much about the wrong thing !! your first thought is probably like " ugh this is nasty as hell omg this nigga doesnt wipe after he pee ,, he shakes ,, and im about to throw his dick in my mouth " or the famous one " i dont know how and im going to choke." just by thinking these thoughts off top BITCH YOUR GONNA GAG. some of you hoes can suck dick perfectly fine you just DONT want to but as the saying goes " what you wont do ten other hoes will. " so if your one of lazy hoes who just dont wanna suck the peeeeen *exit left please*. as for you troopers who arent selfish and want to over come this in order to please your man i may have some solutions for you sista girl !!


those of you trooper bitches who suffer with a gag reflex are not capable of stopping this completely from happening but there are ways you can train your own throat to prevent gagging too much in other words THERE IS A GOD! to be able to prevent gagging all you have to do is train your throat ,, if your problem is physical ,, but when you are dealing with a psychological gagging reflex you have to be able to convince yourself that you are not going to gag in order to prevent it from actually happening.

here are some ways to help :

Brushing Away Your Gag

while you are brushing your teeth use your toothbrush to brush your tongue. some people say that the vibrating sensation of a battery powered toothbrush helps desensitize their gag reflex more than a regular toothbrush. slowly work the brush backwards towards your throat while gently brushing your tongue. do this until you feel the gag about to happen and hold it there for as long as you can slowly working it back in forth. this method takes time and many repeat practices so take your time and don’t expect results the first time.

Use Your Thumb

this works much like the toothbrush method except you use your thumb working it backwards on the roof of your mouth until it gets to the soft palette. it is most important to give yourself time when trying to reduce or get rid of your gag reflex, it takes time and practice. rushing could possibly result in serious non-reversible nerve damage. OUCH !!

Throat Sprays

buy many over the counter sprays that will numb the area of the soft palette. you can purchase them at walgreens ,, cvs ,, riteaid ,, whatever pharmacy drug store is near. you can also go to a sex store because they provide different flavors to make it easier !! even though this method only lasts for about 15min max its the easiest way to go especially during sex. but beware of the sprays containing menthol it can produce an unwanted burning sensation and you dont wanna scare ya nigga away lol

Muscle Relaxers

this is sort of a last resort in my eyes because it requires that you see a doctor so that you can get a prescription for a muscle relaxing medication. try not to become dependent on the medication any meds for that case especially if you plan of sucking dick frequently. please consult your doctor first.

fellas: there is no excuse !!!!
ladies: whatever method you decide to use im almost positive your boyfriend will appreciate the effort !! tell me how it goes deep throat troppers =]

shall we meet again?

Love At First Sight





ok i know all kinds of thoughts are goin through yo head right now when u look at this picture. some of you are like:

oh hell no

what u should really be saying is " this is simply amazing " .

most people ,, well females are confused about this piercing ,, they dont do the math and believe the hype. first off this isnt a "clit piercing" ,, this is a clit hood piercing. a clitoral hood piercing is a female genital piercing through the clitoral hood (the skin above)surrounding the clitoris. there are two main types of hood piercing, the vertical clitoral hood piercing and the horizontal clitoral hood piercing. neither of these piercings penetrates the clitoris itself. but since the vertical piercing is the best for sex thats the only im gonna talk about =]. clitoral hood piercing and an actual clitoris piercing are two different things. to get your actual clit pierced is rather difficult. piercing the clit itself requires you to have a huge fucking clit in order for the piercing to be safe. yo hood cannot rest too tightly on the clit itself cuz it would irritate the piercing. and you need to find an EXPERT piercer. not just any ole muthafucka ,, you need someone who is the michael jackson of clits and knows how to pierce em. because if someone performed this piercing wrong you could LOSE sensation and if they performed it on a clit that is too small you could have yo piercing reject(grow out)which could leave as my guy bestfriend would say "a buscuit" on yo pussy lmfao !!

dumb bitch: so whats the piercing its self like ?
me: *cough*cough* ok lemme skoo you bitch

almost every bitch with a pussy can get their hood done.(sorry guys bitch niggas cnt even tho u have a mindset like u have a pussy this is only for real girls with real pussies). we all are physically and anatomically suited for this piercing!!(yay). one way you can tell if u can get it done is the q-tip test ,, which can be done at home. this "q-tip test" shows that this woman is a perfect candidate for a VCH piercing. here is how you can do it at home. 1- lubricate or wett with water a regular cotton swab 2- place it under your hood so that most of the tip disappears 3- if most the tip is hidden under yo clit hood yo pussy is ready to be blinged out ccheeeaaaaaaa!!! like most genital piercings the healing process is relatively short due to the amount of blood flow to the area. during the healing period however, the piercing is a wound and can increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. so dont get to juiced bitch you still have DO & DONTS. read carefully !!!

" NEVER touch your piercing with dirty hands. Wash hands immediately before touching or cleaning your piercing every time.

The best place to clean your piercing is in the shower. Allow clean water to run over and saturate the piercing before you begin to wash it. This will help to soften and wash away some of the dry, crusted discharge from around and on the jewelry. Remove the rest before washing with a wet cotton ball.

For at least the first week or two, take showers instead of baths. Sitting in a bath tub could introduce bacteria or harsh soaps to your genital area, causing irritation or infection.

A soap product is not necessary for most - you don't want to kill the healthy bacteria that live in the genital region. A simple sea salt or saline solution wash twice a day (and after sex or masturbation) is sufficient unless you start having a problem. If you feel you need to cleanse the area more thoroughly, use a mild liquid anti-microbial soap (like Provon or Satin - ask your piercer about availability of similar products) and clean the piercing by applying a tiny drop of soap to piercing and jewelry. Then thoroughly rinse by applying clean water.

Pat (do not rub) piercing dry with a clean, dry paper towel or similar paper product. Do NOT use washcloth or towel, as these are breeding grounds for bacteria. Thoroughly clean piercing once a day for the duration of the estimated healing time for your particular piercing. Remember, this is an initial healing period only. Your piercing will not be completely healed until many weeks after the initial healing time is over.

DO NOT use any ointments, creams, or astringents on your new piercing.

DO NOT allow your piercing to come in contact with any bodily fluids for the first few weeks while it is healing. This includes saliva as well as semen. So, you are not restricted from sexual activity, but a condom or dental guard must be used for any and all sexual contact, or you are putting yourself at risk for infection. This includes masturbation and/or the use of sex toys.

BE SURE that everything that touches your piercing is clean. This includes clothing and bedding as well as your hands. If you experience itching or severe discomfort, you may be having a reaction to your laundry detergent. Switch to something without all the stain-removing and bleaching agents. "

dumb bitch: ok well you explained the shit but explain why hoes even get it
me: rolls eyes do i really need to explain that ? smh

the clit hood piercing enhances sensation DUHHHH. if you look at the picture at the very top you can clearly see the buttom ball sits directly on top of the clit. what most pple dont know is bitches get hard too ,, during fourplay or sex the clit gets hard and forms a solid ball round shape which rubs against the piercing. well most myths about walking and bussin a nutt are false but having this piercing during sex makes its 100000000000000000000 times better plus its super cute as well(hehe). if you dnt have a clit hood ring i feel bad for you. yo dumbass is missing out and yo boyfriend is a dumbass for stickin around with a boring bitch. so get crazzzyyyy get you a ring and master it ,, yes thats it be a RINGMASTER bitch =p.

shall we meet again ??



ok so i know a few of you may be wondering where the fuck i went ( m.i.a via twitter&fb ) weelllll i deleted both social accounts. i rather not go into detail about why i decided to deactive both accounts but just take this note: when in a relationship social networks are a no No NO!. sadly i do miss my 1068 followers and my nosy ass family on fb but O WELL.
so pejai what have you been up to
not a damn thanggg lol ive been working alot so i havent had time to do anything but jack off and watch spartcus blood and sand *btw andy whitfield the main character is hott!!* i just changed my major from fashion marketing to psychology then from there ill go to under graduate skoo for sexology bayybayy lol.
anywho my 21st bday is coming up !!! whooooot ill be drunk somewhere thats a promise :)
just as the rest of my good shit post i will begin my random ramble 3. .2 . .
nicki minaj ass looks nasssssssty ,, im beginning to hate thursday nights ,, devin got a hello kitty ring ,, la pinata is gross as fuck ,, wiz kahlifa kush and oj is rather smooth ill be seein him may11th ,, umm candace sent me nakeys -_- ,, i love k.martin ,, my mom and dad are annoying ,, im tired of fussin can we just get these nutts bussin ,, a few weak bitches been stalking me ,, working this graveshift and i aint made shit ,, jdaveyy baby and im goneeee
OH p.s -young ass diggy simmons will get raped on site =}
shall we meet again??


whhhaaaaa whaaaa bitch is you getting yo "role" on !!!

is you " role'n" bitch you better be !!

(clears throat)

ok im gonna stop joking around lol

everybody knows i love sex and everything but one thing i havent really done is explore role play *tears*. i mean of course while horny let alone having sex you kinda transform. i always play the kitten as first then after about five minutes i turn into a tiger!! i wouldnt mind playing the classic " cops and robbers " ,, may be even a naughty skoo girl or nurse. what would you guys wannabe ??!!

ok sooo what really happened was i was on public transportation and over heard an older white woman and her friend talkin bout how one of them dressed up as an alien to get her husband off -_-. of i thought alien WTF but the thought of dressing up pretendin to be someone or something to get off was just amazing ! ( hehehehe). so i got on the internet and started searching "sexual role play" and this is what i got :


[ . . . Sexual roleplay is an erotic form of roleplay: it is a sexual behavior where two or more people act out roles in a sexual fantasy. How seriously this is taken depends on the people involved, and the scenario may be anywhere from simple and makeshift to detailed and elaborate, complete with costumes and a script. Nearly any role could become the base material for an erotic experience, and there is no limit to what objects an individual could consider sexual.

Many of the most common sexual roleplays involve a power differential and form part of the dominance and submission. Roles can be general designations of power positions, or very specific, detailed fantasies. The controlling player is often called the top or dominant while the controlled individual is called the bottom or submissive.

There are a number of scenarios which may be played out, including:

Age-play - where one player takes the role of an adult and the other a child.

Animal-play - where the bottom is treated as a non-human animal such as a dog or pony.

Master-slave - where the submissive is treated as the property of the master/mistress.

Torturer/Captive prisoner - where the top is a captor who abuses the bottom.

Authority figure/Misbehaving Adult - where an authority figure threatens the bottom with exposure of a secret.

Gender-play - where one or more players take on roles of the opposite sex.

Goddess worship - where a woman is seen as a pagan deity.

Hospital fantasies - involving doctors, nurses and patients.

Uniform fetish - the female dresses as a submissive schoolgirl, cheerleader, French maid, waitress, and so forth, while the dominant male plays an authority figure (parent, teacher, coach, etc.).

Rape fantasy or a ravishment where one player feigns being coerced into an unwelcome sex act.

Owner/Inanimate object - such as the bottom being human furniture . . .]

ok everybody go role play ,, ready . . . . set . . . . GOOOOO !!!!

shall we meet again ?


ummmm can someone please get these for me for my bday (may 14th) pleaseeee !!!
go to www.moviegoods.com and search " ted suluepe black art " =)




selfish ?

its the only reason why i havent killed myself


P.P : thejuice

ok on the video below i spoke on the gift of p.p pussypower the juice whatever you wanna call it. i honestly feel kinda bad cuz for the bitches who have no .0z of juice ,, cuz its prolly not yall fault yall weak. ( *tears* ). if i wanna a least try to elevate this low life sorry excuse for a species of females i guess i can put yall on a lil bit. i said a lil cuz you bitches still are bitches and will take this shit for granted so ask for a mile all you want hoe im giving yo ass an inch !

fundamentals of the j u i c e
1- confidence
understand that there is always someone bigger and better out there regardless if they down the street or 15hours away on a plane. but the key is to understand this and not show it. now bitches dnt switch this a think im saying fake like you the shit. but if that ur the baddest bitch right here and right now. niggas dnt like hoes who are insecure ,, if u doubting yo own juice bitch the next muthafucka will

2- shut the fuck up
stop talking all the got damn time. take some mental notes bitch. how u gone observe and scope the scene if you too busy runnin yo mouth. dnt say shit or speak on shit if you aint see or hear it fasho. messy aint an ingredient in the juice bitch so dnt thinking bout adding it.

3- the next bitch
ok i have a problem with this. I HATE STUPID SHIT and every now and then one of you bitches decide to do something stupid and i like to talk about you and how stupid you are ,, look and etc for entertainment purposes or being annoyed or bored. off top you shouldnt speak on the next bitch or nigga period buuuttt eeeehhh since everybody loves to abuse freedom of speech it will happen from time to time. a bitch who got the juice aint worried about any other broad. whether you know her or not. a juice bitch just worried bout quinchin thirst not gossip. its rather hard but not impossible. but if you just haaaaaave to speak on the next bitch do two things : either say something nice or be ready to confront the bitch if she finds out you been speaking on her.

4-dnt waste time
bitch tick tock the fuckin clock is ticking ur pussy is gettin old soon yo titties gone sag and the whole 9 u aint got time to waste. use your time wisely cuz new bitches are being born everyday and ready to knock u down believe dat.

5- relax

please dont take everything so serious its all fun and games and there is a time and place for everything LIFE IS TOO SHORT

6-step your cookies up
ugh i hate that phrase cuz u bitches throw it around sooo fuckin looselyy like gay porn stars ass hole but ms.minaj speaks the truth. dnt hate. this should almost be combined with #3 ,, dnt hate. if the next muthafucka doing it big or bigger than you bitch #TAKENOTES. for example:
if you see this bitch who aint so hott but she turns heads dnt hate bitch say to yourself what is she doing right. observe that bitch. study that hoe and if u figure out what it is she doing or got u aint ,, fix it. do what she doing in YOUR OWN WAY ,, dnt jock a bitch ,, im not coo with that jock shit but put yo twist on how she doing her shit u feel me. this goes for relationships or sexual relations as well. bitch even tho yo pussy aint that powerful it got power bitch dependin on what nigga u fuckin with girl yo ass maybe god(to him). work the pussy right. if u get cheated on figure out how u wasnt workin yo pussy then work it 10 times harder hoe. then u got snatching. if yo nigga get snatched or whatever u do two things : if the bitch aint bad dnt roast cus apparently she prolly bad then a muthafucka in some sort of way if she snatchin or if the bitch is fuckin with it and shittin on you by all means let yo nigga go cuz in reality he is prolly better off. just make sure u step your muthafuckin cookies up so i dont happen again

7- use your muthafuckin noodle
pussy ass titties cute face and all the other physical shit can only get u so far. stay on yo toes hoe like u fred flinstone bowlin bitch. everything must be a riddle/puzzle to you ,, u aint smart enough to sit down and solve the shit off top AND THATS OK. think shit through. i mean everything from all angles. once u master problem solving and critical thinkin u pretty much coo. plus nobody really like a bitch especially and dumb bitch at that. ask any nigga a bitch who think straight gives good brain *think about it*


Pussy Power : the juice

1- The vaginal control of a woman over a man AFTER he has hit it and not before. Because EVERY man is stupid before he starts fucking. Thus, any woman who can keep him stupid after he fucks possesses Power of the Pussy. (Hint: not every woman has PP)

2- buy power of the box mugs, tshirts and magnetsThe Power of the Box is a term that describes why males do dumb things because females make them do it, even when they have a choice in the matter. It also refers to how the female population will generally have the upper hand if the power of the box isn't controlled from an early age in the relationship and given boundaries.
Given that males are generally peace keepers we will forever be succoming to the power of the box.
Punishment of not succuming to the P.O.T.B can result is such things as arguments, no sex, temper tantrums and loss of relationship and further pass outs to go and hang out with mates being revoked and emotional blackmail.




Like & " LIKE " : are you fake

fake lesbian: when a girl pretends to be a lesbian and therefore turns on a member of the opposite sex

fake lesbianism a epidemic that is brainwashing girls from the 14- 24 at alarming rate! it’s the same bitches who said they would never “ fuck with a girl “ are now fucking girls. I personally think you can thank katey perry for bringing fake lesbian to mainstream suburb girls with her song “ I kissed a girl “ ( I love the song tho ). And we can also can give a round applause to the wonderful nicki minaj who I think is fake all together but I love her music as well lol. Ive noticed since ms nicki began to brake onto the scene many of my peers ( young African american females ) have be obsessed with “ signing boobs “ and “ getting a bad bitch “. I have yet to see either one of these celebs kiss girls or anything that’s has to do with being “ bi or gay “. I also thought about it ,, sex sales ( duh pejai bitch ) so of course I cant knock them for getting money pretendin to bone hott chicks. But come on half you bitches I see or hear who claim they like girls dnt get paid to “ fuck bitches ”. so whats the deal ?????

Along with the media portraying it is A ok to be promiscuous with men and women I also believe there are other reason why women “ turn” or become sick from fake lesbianism.

Curiosity - lets all be honest many females have thought about what it is like to be with a woman. Many have friends who have had an “ sexual experience” with the same sex and find it amazing. Porn also can be an eye opener. I mean on if you watch enough lesbian scenes you would want to act it out as well.

Males problems - many rape victims or young women who were molested by men tend to lean toward women to feel a since of control which they didn’t have during the time they were over powered by men. Sad to say a lot of young women have poor judgement in who they choose as a partner so they get tired of going in a cycle of cheating and lies with men and go to females. WHICH DOES NOT MAKE IT BETTER IT’S THE SAME SHIT.

Lemme explain something to you dumb bitches if you think fuckin with a bitch is a easy way out of heart break ur a dumb ass bitch and u need to go to hell on a full “dumb bitch” scholarship. Bitches are catty and moody ,, and if she is a stud she prolly has an ego issue. Most les relationships are violent as well. So think again wannabe cunt lover !!

Mother issues- we also have the young women who didn’t have a mother or had a mother who wasn’t there emotionally so they look for it in women.

Converters- converters are lesbians who find straight girls to prey on. a lot of women think about women but don’t act on it. And ladies sorry bitches are just like niggas and will game u up to get in yo draws. So if you have this broad in yo ear telling you all the right shit ( especially if you’re a weak bitch) you will fall right in the trap .

Now a days it is easy to convert bitches. 2 so called straight bitches can convert themselves. You know they might be bff in the open but behind close doors they are fucking. But there is a big difference between liking girls and “liking girls”. some females think the female body is beautiful and would have noooo problem totally bangin a bitch from time to time lol. Now that is just a bitch who wants to have fun. You also got yo bitch who wants to bang bitches because there “idol” is that’s a fake les. Then you got the hoes who just all around love bitches and will be with a bitch along with fucking her too. Then you got the bitches who do shit on the under. You know bitches be on the d.l too lol. I know a few hoes like that. You know tha ones who fuck bitches and say they like girls but dnt tell anyone because deep down they are ashamed or not sure of themselves. First off if you aint sure of yo self you dnt need to b fuckin with niggas or bitches (yall see how my lingo got ghetto).

The thing is with this fake lesbians or for show bi girls ,, they like to bragging about bitches or the gay lifestyle. They brag about things they don’t know. Most bitches are not mentally and emotionally strong enough to go through the bullshit that lesbians go through. For example prop8 and bashing even hate crimes and etc.. its like a slap to the face to girls who truly love women 100%.

To sum up a long story. Fake lesbianism is out there. Be yourself ,, don’t follow trends to try and become someone you are not or pick up a lifestyle you arent ready for and may regret so you can attract guys or be “ cool “. If you wanna have fun and be katey perry for a night and kiss bitches then that’s fine ,, but at the same time don’t degrade yourself as a person as a WOMAN. Your actions always reflect the pple around you and most importantly yourself.

shall we meet again ??

Big Boys Like Toys

recently i had a friend of mine ask me " how do i introduce my toy to my boyfriend? ". when you think of toys or vibrators im pretty sure you think about lesbians and ask yourself why the hell would a male and female want one during intercourse. honestly fellas toy can do things to a woman a man will never be able to do ,, well with his bare hands that is. if your girl brings a toy dont get upset!! and ladies just dont bring a toy into the bedroom without warning its almost like cheating and bringing the person along you cheated with. here are ways you can both enjoy your new age threesome :

1 Let him know that you understand he if he isnt 100% behind it at first and that you understand it is a new thing you and him both as whole would have to get used to using it together

2 Comfort his fears that it normal and many couples do it and you guys arent the only ones joined by a toy

3 Tell him ( over and over if you have too ) that you dont want to use the toy because he isnt good enough. many males will be quick to assume they are being replaced by a machine. hey throw him some game and say " even the best carpenters use power tools " lmfao hey it may work !! let him know he physically cant do what a vibrator can with his own hands but they cant kiss you hold you love you like he can. let him know all the good things he does in and out of a bed and double a batteries in a machine could never own up to that. you are not replacing him.

4 Explain why you wanna use it. ( every woman is different )
-might use it to spice up the bedroom
-you maybe not be able to come without it because you need constant clit stimulation and a hand or tongue might not trigger a nutt

5 Let him know he cant hurt you with the vibrator unless he is beating you upside the head with it. but if you do have a hood or clit ring you may want to cautious because it is possible to burn off skin

6 Be willing to make a trade. if he does this for you ,, you should only be fair and do something he would want as well

If none of these steps work you s.o.l lmfao j./k. wait and bring it up later or simply use it solo. i would use it in front of him to be honest ,, by your reactions to the vibrator he may become curious about it on his own.

goodluck !!! let me kno how it goes


Name :
-- Janelle La'Shay Harper .. aka Skin , Jane or Nelly

Date of birth :
-- April 19th .. ima aries biiiitch !! aka , thee BEST .

How many tattoos do you have :
-- man .. I don`t even count em really .. Its kind of difficult ..
but besides my full left sleeve , & half right sleeve .. i have .. seven others

If you could be any super hero who and why :
-- CatWoman .. !! She was dope !! Hella sexy & mysterious in all black .. Tight leather / spandex .. Whateva that shit was .. Flexible .. Wild .. & feisty .. Like ME ;)

How old were you when u got your first tattoo what was it of and why did you get it ?
I was 16 yrs young .. I got a pink hibiscus on my tummy .. I got that flower because I'm mixed with hawaiian .. And pink because its one of my fave colors . Oh yeah , & under it says " Puanani " which means beautiful flower in hawaiian .

If you could mix a sex position wrestling move and dance move what would it be ?
-- hmm .. i would prolly tie the "waterfall" with the "backroll" mixed with jerking .

Does having tattoos make you a animal during sex ?
-- nahh , tha person I'm sex`n & the mood turns me into an animal .. Especially if there's trap music playin in the background .. I get wild !! Rawwrr ! I don't want no weak ass slow shit

I know people stop and stare at your body art work all the time. What is the weirdest thing you ever heard ?

-- I can't really remember anything that I would call "weird" .. Its always dumb shit like : what did ur parents say , what about when u get married , you know ur body is gonna change when u get older , or how are you gonna feel when you're like 50 .. I'm like blah blah stfu .. I'm grown & all of this is symbolism of who I am . I don't get tattd as a trend , fukk that . && when I'm 50 , I'll be in the shop gettn tattd wmy grandkids suckas !

Where is your fav tattoo what is it of why is it yo fav ?
-- that would either be the star under my lip because no one has it & everyone thinks its a piercing .. or my full left sleeve because it has a lot of representation of myself .. including hearts for love , hibicus' for my hawaiian background , my families names , butterflies .. you catch my drift ..

If you could tell young girls around the world one thing what would it be ?
-- to stay true to themselves .. N0T worry about what others say and think , always be Y0U and do Y0U . your soul is the roots to your own destiny .. these people are the branches and their opinions are the leaves ..

like her stalk her :



cousin of oscar winner gwyneth paltrow and star of one of my fav shows the "l word" katherine sian moennig aka shane totally has me uber homo. after watching the first episode i was hooked on her character. she playes a recovering drug addict/trouble marker who makes it big doing celebs hair while tryin to juggling being a lesbian playaa. i mean in this show shane has the most sex and she is just hella smooth. lol her voice all deep and shit. she just turns me on (plus im watchin the l word hehehe)if you havent seen the " l word " i suggest you get on it !!!! becareful tho ladies you might turn gay lol (winks)


if you have a weak stomach dont watch this lol



( rick ross - cigar music playing)

What to do ( taps mouse pad )
I have sooo much to say silently
This is not a poem

I exploded.
Am I wrong
I mean for exploding
Maybe the way I did it
But is there a right way to explode

(sighs ,, long sighs)
Before I placed my signature for love on the dotted line
I read over the fine print :


I was ready
I actually read it over a few times
Did you ?
Did you just rush
Did you not think it could happen
Or did you do think like most and assume you could handle love extremes without thinking it over?
Tell me


If I could be perfect for you I wouldn’t
Because I wouldn’t grow with you
I couldn’t learn what your love has to teach me

I exploded.
From trying to respect you
I wouldn’t say bite my tongue
Filter out the hurtful words I only knew from the previous

Change my mouth’s lifestyle
For you
My mind’s lifestyle
For you
On my own

Because I love you
Its respect

My compromise to you
Comes my heart being loyal to you
Comes from my mind respecting you
And my mouth wanting to communicate right

But if you shake a soda can
And open it
It is wrong for it to explode
Or are you wrong for shaking it

But what is wrong when you high(in love not in your right mind)

I exploded
If I could be perfect for you I wouldn’t
Because I wouldn’t grow with you
I couldn’t learn what your love has to teach me
I exploded . . .

This is not a poem
This is not a poem

I just exploded
My heart exploded. .



are you serious


VampInc. is a dance crew out of san leandro california my lil brother gary aka g-code is in. they are actually good ,, support them there is nuttin like young kids staying outta trouble to do things they love!!



Align Center

s m h


i told yall i fuck with bad bitches lol
that was one of my bff keiana
like her ???