ok so i know a few of you may be wondering where the fuck i went ( m.i.a via twitter&fb ) weelllll i deleted both social accounts. i rather not go into detail about why i decided to deactive both accounts but just take this note: when in a relationship social networks are a no No NO!. sadly i do miss my 1068 followers and my nosy ass family on fb but O WELL.
so pejai what have you been up to
not a damn thanggg lol ive been working alot so i havent had time to do anything but jack off and watch spartcus blood and sand *btw andy whitfield the main character is hott!!* i just changed my major from fashion marketing to psychology then from there ill go to under graduate skoo for sexology bayybayy lol.
anywho my 21st bday is coming up !!! whooooot ill be drunk somewhere thats a promise :)
just as the rest of my good shit post i will begin my random ramble 3. .2 . .
nicki minaj ass looks nasssssssty ,, im beginning to hate thursday nights ,, devin got a hello kitty ring ,, la pinata is gross as fuck ,, wiz kahlifa kush and oj is rather smooth ill be seein him may11th ,, umm candace sent me nakeys -_- ,, i love k.martin ,, my mom and dad are annoying ,, im tired of fussin can we just get these nutts bussin ,, a few weak bitches been stalking me ,, working this graveshift and i aint made shit ,, jdaveyy baby and im goneeee
OH p.s -young ass diggy simmons will get raped on site =}
shall we meet again??

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