so basically keri hilson is the shit ,, its official i love her and solange. ive totally jumped on the ban wagon with everybodyy. i copped her cd ,, which came out yesterday march 24 2009 and its hott.

my fav song right now is #8 " Intuition " :

its about her really feeling this guy but she knows eventually he gonna mess up(thats how im feelin about my crush =/).

she got a joint with trina and keysh called "Get Ya Money Up" .. over all the album is pretty dope ,, pollow and timberland createD a total musicial beast - ms. keri. she even has a new videeoo out with kayne and neyooo and its dope as well. in her other video make love (teaser video) she is totally makin kanye look like a sex symbol. i never thought i would say this but i kinda get off seein him in her videos weird huh lol. any who enjoy =]



yes im back ,, i havent been blogging alot cuz ive been too busy copping new porn lol . .. no really my room is getting re done ( new carpet painting and everything) so i havent had time to update,, sorry. what been going on with me ? well . . . lets see ,, ive decided to change my way of dressing so by the summer you should notice slow changes in my style. san jose's club raw was smackin hard (yes a few numbers as always lol). i bought lady gaga's cd ( A MUST HAVE ). my face is breaking out due to a overload of chocolate bars. i have a crush on a guy (i think let me not speak too soon). i also have been looking into getting my clit pierced (just a thought people). my love for megan good as grown even stronger. my g1 got a virus because of the amount of porn ive been downloading lol. my cuzzin came out of the closet to her father(im proud of you). i fell in love with liquid liner and boyfriend tees. i figured out my next tattoos. i will be attending laney college in the summer. the roots is the best band on earth besides maroon 5. i am so over the rihanna and chris brown shit. im ready for my birthday to roll around. i realized that im a player damn and its kinda cool. you can google me keyword dollfcekilla. im back like retro clothes bitches. shout out to pat peanut edwin and devin.


a couple of weeks ago ,, i was at work in a bad ass mood mad at the world for what reason i dont know. as we all know the economy is really bad which means people arent spending as much money which also means that people arent really shopping ,, which leads to me being super bored at work(nordstrom). because im dumbass bored i usually have my phone on the floor and text and whatever. so i get a pic message from my bestfriend devin. and it a pic of her shittin at her job(macys). so my mood goes from bad to pissed the fuck off !! im like devin wtf ?!! so im yelling and ratting a raving how nasty it was and how im having a bad ass day and she just told me to let that shit go lol. and i thought about it LET THAT SHIT GO! lol i was mad for nooo reason. i started thinking to myself that i need to treat life like shit ,, let go of the bullshit and wipe my ass forever from it. so whenever you feel stressed out go sit on the toilet and literally let that shit go lol. or just remember these pics and laugh yo ass off lol. shout out to my bestfriend devin aka kidd est.1994.

WHAT YOU ROCKING : Michelle Zacks ( New Collection)

former fashion editor at sportswear international magazine, and then a collaborator with labels such asC. Ronson, ALIFE, & Nicole Miller ,, michelle zacks is fucking sick and has her knees deep into the game. - she set to create knits that were new, fresh, and unexpected. this season collection proves that mere fact. her collection features a vintage reference which has become her staple. the collection features grommet t-shirts, hooded ponchos, sexy ribbed tank dresses & more
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looks like crack cocaine cant even stop mary j. every time she does something its hott. but hopefully here new movie move is hott as well. mary is set to star in the new tyler perry movie “I Can Do Bad All By Myself”. mary is said to be playing will be playing a nightclub manager ,, this will be her first return to the screen since she guest started on the tv show entourage back in 2007. the movie is to be in theaters sometime this september.

as for rihanna ,, that chris brown as whooping aint stopping her either. miss umbrella is reportedly in talks to star in the 1992 hit film (staring Whitney Houston) The Bodyguard.
debut. It looks as though Rihanna is back to work on a serious note. according to the daily news as source tells the nyc paper:

“before the situation with chris, rihanna was getting a lot of scripts. she’s been wanting to do movies for a while now.”

i think rihanna is straight set tripping if she thinks she can top the performance whitney houston displayed in that movie. . . well we can only wait and see. miss umbrella sure has some big shoes to fill out .

LADY GAGA OR LADY NA`THA (article from tba)

Pop superstar Lady Gaga (aka Stefani Germanotta) has been known for her sharp voice, and outrageously daring outfits “on and off” stage. However, the sexy pop sensation has been stopped by law enforcement, in regards to her sexy garbs for being too explicit. Often seen sporting corsets, bodysuits, and tights - Chicago police stopped “L.G.” dead in her tracks as she was spotted wearing hot pants. Contact Music reports Lady Gaga stating:

“I guess they weren’t really pants at all. But it was really funny because all you saw was this half-naked girl on the street yelling at some cop ‘It’s fashion! I’m an artist!’ It was fun. It’s not that I don’t like pants. I just choose not to wear them some days. I think no pants is sexy. I love the naked human body. I was working in strip clubs when I was 18.”

Despite being stopped by police officials, Gaga vowed to be true to herself and wear her normal everyday attire.

YAY !!

omg sooo one of the best designers in the world ,, marc jacobs ,, is getting married !!!! yesss ive never been big on weddings or boyfriends for that matter but im soo excited !! lol marc and his ad executive beau of a year lorenzo martone are officially shackin it up people. =)