SObasically . . .

my room is just now getting finished so if you were wondering what happen to me being back like retro clothes ,, uhhhh the comeback is moving slower than planned lol. in the pic above you see i have a few things put together but not everything is actually in place. between work ,, pimpin ,, porn ,, and tryna put my room together i rarely have time to blog ( BLAH I KNOW ) ... on a brighter note my birthday is coming up MAY 14TH ,, im not sure what im doing tho lol ,, ideas ???oooh i recently just hopped on the twitter banwagon ( www.twitter.com/dollfcekilla) its pretty cool it runs my g1 battery down wwwaaayyyy too fast tho. the guy i was crushin on UGH ,, huge dissappointment lol o well. adele cd is the shit !! rumor has it chingy is fuckin trannys =) lol . .. someone stole my lady gaga cd and im going to see britney spears in concert on the 22nd YAY! im reading a book on black erotica its totally the shit. shout out to BIG LEE .. peace out ,, holla at yaaaa bbbooyyyyy (dev voice)

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