Got Paul ?

yes yes yes yall its the man himself ,, for those of you who dont know Paul Alexander Pugh beeez the name and all the hott shit you aint never heard or seen beeeez his game. this dude is the reason why i even started a blog. this past labor day weekend he opened his apartment to devin keiana and i. not only is he fuckin rad but he is the coolest house host ever lol !! between keiana throwin up on his carpet ,, me spilling pinkblush on his bathroom rug he still remained his cool. lol of course he had a few guest over the gurls and i didnt mesh well with ,, paul still made us feel at home =]. nothing is ordinary about this guy you name it he does it. dont be surprised if you hear him as a local radio personality or hell on tv!! i just wanted to say paul thank you sooo much for the good time and laughs ,, for always showing me love and supporting my blog. when you see this dont thank me for it because you deserve it !! ilydude :-*

pauls facebook - search paul alexander pugh

pauls blogspot - http://theepaulpugh.blogspot.com

pauls twitter - http://twitter.com/theepaulpugh

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