Two words : female squirtting.

some people see that and say "ohhh hell yeaa !!!! " and some may say "that shit only in porn its fake" . . . and i dnt blame them i didnt think it was possible until one night i made it rain! Lets just say it was straight el neeeeenyo lmao. The shit is real pple and its bomb !!! Along with it being totally fuckin awesome you can also have mixed emotions afterward ,, like whethered you pee'd or not !!!

A female's ejaculate is expelled from the urethra(the same place where urine comes out from). When i read that i thought fasho i pissed on ole boy lol. But after reading a few articles i found that studies show that the clear liquid from the glands or urethra sponge isnt urine at all. It's not pee bitch lol it sometimes has a strong musky smell. It might even smell like pee sometimes but not always. But i also read that if your not in complete control over the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, its mostly likely ur gonna rkelly someone! one way u can avoid providing your partner with a golden shower is just takin a simple piss before sex. Its very hard to tell whether your gonna pee or squirt because its feels the same at first but reeeeeeeeelaaaaax eventually you will learn the difference between the sensations.

If your a guy or lesbian im sure ur thinking ,, how can i make a bitch bust like a lawn sprinkler lmfao. Weeelll there are many ways ,,some women can ejaculate or "squirt" through clitoral stimulation (i fall here) ,, or through other sex play like penile penetration or even titty sucking !! But the most effective way is through G-spot manipulation with ur fingers. Yes the hands are more magical than the almighty brain lol. The first time i felt like was about to squirt i had a vibrator against my clit on full speed but because i was so unfamiliar with "squirting" i stopped because i thought i was gonna peepee lol. the second i actually was recieving oral sex and the finger treatment at the sametime. I didnt know shit about a G-spot until that night lol.

At the same time ,, he began to eat my pearl (ghetto voice) then stuck his two fingers (index and ring) inside with his palms facing up. Its been stated that once you stick fingers about a inch or two in a vagina ,, you will hit a round ball of skin ,,that's the G-spot. He musta hit that shit and started stroking with pressure. What caught me off guard was that he used his other hand to press down the area between my belly and pubs as if he was tryna see if he can feel his fingers in my pussy through my belly !! After about a few mintues i felt like i was reaching toward orgasm's hand lol. Then BOOOOM THERE IT IS!!! i started to ejaculate. As i rubbin my clit fast for the release that shit was like spray going everywhere. I dnt even think he knew what was going on because he jumped back with eyes wide open and tongue rolled out like a red carpet. It had to be as much as a cup full ,, honestly i thought it was never gonna stop !! Which it didnt because the three rounds after consissssssted of me watering his carpet lol.

I know it sounds all easy and shit but sadly to say most women cant squirt. Every woman does has the biological anatomy to squirt but sometimes it may be more difficult. For multiple reasons : not intouch with herself ,, not feeling the moment as much as you ,, being tense ,, or things outta her control like weak pelvic floor muscles or hell you prolly dont have the magic touch bruhbruh lmfao. If you wanna experience this rad ass shit practice ,, whether it be with toys ,, fingers ,, tongue or dick lol. Practice makes perfect - at least this pratice is fun with a sexy coach lol.

Shall we meet again ?

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