ok so besides the fact that t.i is in jail he is knowin for his lyrical skills. i was going through so of my old cds( yes cds im no mp3 girl ) i ran around his song with lil kim " get your shit together ". in the song t.i states :

" Now we can ball seven days, six nights
If tht head and that pussy hit right
Hey, match ya panties with ya bras get ya shit together
Go get ya hair and nails done get ya shit together "

and of course my dumbass was like ok
head and pussy right - check
hair and nails done - check
and most of all match my bra and panties - CHECK !!

being the random person i am ,, i twittered " all women so match their bra&panties everyday ". . . and boy did pple reply back !! all my males followers we like OH HELL YES EVERYDAY PREACH PEJAI ,, but my fellow ladies said the opposite lol (sadly). . .i got replies like : unless he buying em i aint matchin nuttin everyday. . or like i dont have time for that. it honestly disturbs me. when i say match your bra&panties i dont mean just for your man i mean for you too!!! its nothing like getting dressed to music dancing around in your matching blue lace thong set. or coming home after a long day of skoo or work and stripping down into your girly pink stripe boyshort set. i mean commmmeeeee on its like the next best thing then seeing yourself naked!!

dont get me wrong i was once guilty of the whole tacky undergarment epidemic. when i was 18 i started going out to parties and wearing corsettes ( i love how my boobs look in them) because i thought it was sexy. i then began to even collect em. but i thought to myself i cant wear these darn things everyday ,, hell i can barely move in them !! i stopped wearing them out one because it was getting old and two i had got a boyfriend. like everyone knows im a freak i only date my kind - freaky boys lol. my boyfriend used to want me to send him naked pictures. i wasnt quite comfortable with that at that particular moment so i would put on a matchin pair of bra and panties and take pictures. he used to get soooo turned on !! it drove me insane ! i guess seein me in a set created some kind of fantasy in his head .he would begging me to keep em coming. lol because it was a long distance relationship i used pics of me to keep his eyes off other chicks. i used to go out and buy $150 of matching sets and send him random pics of me in them like a couple times a week. but by me doing this i started to turn myself on.(i know right) then a light bulb went off in my head : if i get off seeing myself in a sexy set i can just picture a guy getting off !!

im sort of a tease ( well .... a huge tease) and i knew this could be a tool for me !! i thought i was jumpin on a ban-wagon but apparently no female was on it ! lol after i broke up with my boyfriend id hang out with guys i wanted to tease and tell them how i always match and watch their face light up. they would say most girls would say i dont have time for that. but ladies i didnt say it was easy. and i mean the print of the set doesnt even have to match. you can have a black bra with red roses throw on some sexy black panties(example to the left) !! its easy. and everytime you go shopping try to go and buy just one matching set then before you know it you will have a million. i think every woman should do it at least 4 days out of the week at a min. because the female body is beautiful and why not dress up it. you can put tracks in your hair and wild designs on your nails but you can match your bra and panties ?? not only will you began to feel sexy but it will set a standard for your boo. if you guys ever break up he is going be soooo mad that his new bitch doesnt have the basic tone color set from vikki secrets on thursday or that new zebra set from fredricks on on friday or that hot see through purple lace set from betsey johnson on on saturday. its not fuckin rocket science sheeeitttt ! in the words of nicki minaj STEP YOUR PUSSY GAME UP ! shall we meet again tomorrow ??

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