wsp with all this " every nigga aint shit " talk ?? bitch why are you getting at your nigga for shit you are lackin on ?? this blog is not to be confused,, let me set it straight im not tryna bash females but its some shit yall hoes need to understand. ( excuse my french i have a foul mouth if you didnt already know )

ok so i have this friend (lets call her rita) she is dating one of my guy friends ( lets call him jay ) who i quite close to and understand very well. anyway she was upset with him because he had been giving her alot of attitude lately. i asked her why he was actin like that let me tell yall what she said " oh he mad we dont see eachother and i dont be wantin to fuck no where else but the bed " im like but thats yo nigga tho right ? and she had the nerve to tell me yes lol. so yall know by now im like super confused. how you date someone barely see em and you aint letting him fuck and act surprised when the nigga be acting funny or act hella shocked and outta control when the nigga run off and cheat. see this is where muthafuckas get me twisted and say imma freak or some shit cuz ill fuck MY nigga where ever MY nigga wants to fuck .sex is everything i dont care what nobody say!! shit we grown everybody know fuckin is in right now. the last thing my nigga gone be mad about is not getting no sex. ESPECIALLY IF YOU MINE !! the problem is broads wanna be ina relationship but too quick to say what they wont do. ive came up with a list if do's and donts.

1-fuck yo nigga right
3-do not NOT fuck yo nigga
2-fuck yo nigga right
and 4
to some degree all niggas are doggs. feed that doggnigga good and he will come back and keep coming. simple as that. and when i say feed him i dont mean just food him kipples and bits i mean feed that nigga good head ,,good convo,, money(if you got it) pussy all that shit. some if yall lookin like money??!!,, that bitch pejai trippin. but if he really yo nigga from jump and yall alll solid and in love like you say yall are then doing those things shouldnt be an issue. but if you like well my nigga dnt do all that for me there are too things you need to do. either cancel that fuck outta that nigga (why you fuckin with somebody who aint gone give you 100%) or (for the pple who in love and cant leave *cough*cough BULLSHIT)keep giving until you give sooooo much all he can do it give to back. but dnt ever half way stop doing shit. if you gone fuck with him fuck with em if you not you not. dnt get mad at your boyfriend and stop fucking him but always wanna talk on the phone and shit. cuz the next bitch gone come along not say shit and smash yo nigga shit in then you gone be wondering where the fuck he go?!. everything you wont do please believe another bitch would !!! before you get in a relationship you need to understand that when you in a relationship there is no you me or i it's us and we allllll day. and ask questions get to know a nigga reeeaaallllyyy get to know a nigga before you be tryna get wifed cuz that nigga can be scott peterson or mike tyson or some shit. but most of all look at yourself. are you selfish? do you really know yourself well enough to give yourself to another person? all this " niggas are doggs" talk can be avoided with two things time and common sense. shall we meet again tomorrow ??

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