as i find myself bored fast fowarding through a porn scene by jazmine cash ,, by the way pinky head game has nuttin on her sry =( ,, i realized i really havent blogged since april =( . . .i know i know . . .it isnt my fault tho i promise ive been soo busy with work and skoo and on top of that my cuzzin took her laptop. Buuuuttt thanx to tmobile i have this wonderful blogger app on my g1 !! Yay right ? Lol so every night imma be getting my rev run on with a passage b4 sleep minus the tub lol . . .
(turns off porn to music choice channel to hear twista's " wetter " oooh that song turns me on) . .so ive totally gone crazy over twitter ,, yes yes yall lol ( twitter.com/dollfcekilla) i have retired from aim and moved to twitter. Deleted my facebook and myspace as well. Plus i can be waayyy more random on twitter just ask my followers they think im crazy lol !! But back to the important stuff. . .(whats been going on with you ppeeee)

Weeeeeeeeelll ( really deep sigh ) . . .so much !! As u know i had my 20th birthday (may 14th). . .it was pretty cool. . Um i got really close to a green eyed hottie but just as the rest of all good things it came to an end. Goossshhh he was soo bomb. ( biting my lip FOCUS PEJAI ). My circle of frieends has been decreasing swiftly lol. . .i have changed my number to keep pple away lol ( this one guy i slipped up and started talkin too smh ) any ways . . .i spent my 4th of july in new orleans for the essence festival. Id have to say it was the best time of my life. . .i hardly remember details because my mother and i were totally wasted the whole trip !! OH,, i seen solange perform( geee i love her ) . Um nutting is really too too new OHHH SNAP ,, i got my clit pierced. . Ladies getting it done isnt as bad as u think. . .i got turned on by the pain lol now i find myself never wearing underwear. . .its by far one of the best things that has ever happened to me lol. . .i got my nipps as well ,, now that shit aint coo lol umm if u want it really think it out it fuckin hurts like hell ! But its sooo damn cute lol. . .what else ?? Oh besides the fact pple are sooo fake !! I have gotten closer to my long lost sister keiana aka dottie. . .and i actually plan a road trip to la with her devin and talika for labor day weekend. . .now its time for the random ramble. . .i tend to get things out better rambling its my virtual way of brainstormin . . .ok
Im so ready for summer to be over. My ex boyfriend has had his tongue in strippers pussies =/. The new true blood season is hott. I almost had sex in a club bathroom ( wink ). I twitt 2 much. I fell outta love with soulja boy. I have cutt back on partyin ALOT. Maxwells cd is the shit. I relapsed(porn). I am becoming more comfortable in my skin. I need to really pray more and thank god. My psp is broke. FREE MUSTARD. I figured out my next tatts just cnt find time to get em. The shade of green on my nails has changed. i realized i never been in love b4. Silence is golden. I have really great friends( the ones i do have ). Im on my brand new bullshit and nobody likes it . . .goodnight ,, shall we meet again 2morrow ?

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