7 31 09

for some odd reason my cousin decided she wanted to the cornroll look so i began braidin her as we watched the wackness starting josh peck ( the fat one from the show drake&josh ). to my surprise he lost alot of weight and is a very good actor. after a few laughs from the movie we contined to channel check until we fell upon mtv jams. my heart dropped because a video was on that made me have a few flash backs. majority of u know about a year ago in was in a relationship with a younger male. " i fell in love with a bumble bee " - erykah badu sings in her 07 single honey. that was his ring tone and for the longest i couldnt even listen to the song without going into a rage of some sort. id rather not go into detail about our relationship and what went wrong but for some reason its just on replay in my mind. dnt get me wrong im no hoe but out of all the men i been with this one seemed to stick on my brain like my stayfree pad in my underwear. ive been told because i grew so much in that relationship ,, whether the case is i was rejected. yessss me lil ole . . . sense twitter is my outlet for almost every sick random thought i twittered something about rejection . . .and one of my favorite followers ( www.twitter.com/RealP0LiTiK) was in shock that someone would reject me . . . .i didnt understand ? whats makes me different from other pple . . .why is it unbelieveable that i cnt get rejected. . .i would hope not my looks because im not the fairest one of em all . . .(im pretty hott tho). my bestfriend devin also chitt chatted to me about rejection and how she was scared of it . . .

why are pple scared of it ??

we get rejected all the time . . . so whats the difference if a guy or girl tells us no ?

i think rejection makes u stronger. i mean of course rejection knocks you down but its nothing a lil glue called time cant fix. . .if u gather yourself after being rejected you will be soo strong and u will also develop a process to get over the next rejection ( sorry u cnt avoid it ). . .this brings me back to my ex. i love that he rejected me because not only did it made me look at myself as a person but it also made me realize if something is goin to reject you for your imperfections they trully dnt understand that imperfections only led to perfection. . .shall we meet again tomorrow ??

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  1. yeah i said wot i said...cos u seem cool as hell and i like ur, (how can i say tis?), ur randomness... i just tend to draw to ppl i got sumn in common wit... cos i mean u can b cute but have a shitty or no personality... and i see both (personality & a cutie)...