MR.NICE : washin my hands of dirt for the truth underneath my skin is filthy

( setting )
dark room with an enlighten mind ;; my ears soak in adele 's soft lyrics ( song : forgive me first love )

start :
as her lyrics painted this picture
i once knew
this picture was you

. . .your are the right one as i am soo wrong.

how do i began to pick up your heart
i would love to sew it back together but i dnt think you can bare the needle of tongue and the thread of my tears. . .im soo sorry mr.nice for you have loved me as i am and i was.

you were your brothers keeper but i kept him as well . .our old love began to crave for a new kiss but i instead
bit into that forbidden fruit that has forever burned my taste buds. . .never again will i taste the sweetness of you . . .

i know now never to ask for your hand
but forgive me
because i have learned to wash my hands
i know i never treated you with respect
but you still took me as tainted as i was
myy dirty hands and all
how dare do i grab your heart
and stain it with my filth
but forgive me
please mr.nice
i learned to wash my hands
my hands of dirt for the truth underneath my skin is filthy.
forgive me mr.nice
you were too kind . . . . .ily goodbye

1 comment:

  1. bravo bravo.... straight up real talk right there, the melody in words.... u put it there wit this one!!