stayed : after the 13TH

" 1... your smile, don't have to say no more2... your guidance and all the things you show me3... the way you look at me when you say "I love you"4... your headstrong personality5... your take-charge capability . . . . 10... the way you spend on me even though I got my own money11... for always being yourself regardless of how I or anyone else felt . . . .13... knowing just what I need even when I didn't make it clear for you to see14... for being understanding when that time comes, you know what I mean15... for your beauty, inside and out And to close it out, 16 through 25 is for All the chicks you coulda hit, but you didn't because of your love for me . . . "

( coffee cake and a miller light mixed with once again a flow of deep emotions )

its 10 days after the 13th ( the day i decided to stay )

after finally unpacking
i began to sit and think
im back in the old house ( love )
but some things have changed

a new bed sheet set to spread our desire
along with a new carpet to remove the selfish stains a previous love has left with me

now that i am beginning to get settled
i must add

1 - the shape of your eyes and how they light up when i enter the same room as you

2 - your finger tips. how they have the ability to take me beyond any place ive ever ever known but at the same time grip my heart tightly without brusing

3 - how you look past my battle scars ( only the naked eye which in love can see )

4 - without question , like the almighty , your always there. not always on time but always there

5 - the phone conversations. you talk to me as if it is going out of style

6 - q.t. you made me believe every second in every minute in every hour in everyday in everyweek in every month in every year counts

7 - your smell is like second hand heaven

8 - how your voice kisses through my chest straight to my heart

9 - not afraid to say your afraid which makes me more brave than ever

10 - the moan. how it sings to me ,, i could just drown in your voice

11 - fussing. our ability to overcome any disagreement through communication and understanding

12 - my teacher. how you teach me to be a better woman without even knowing

13 - last but not least when you say iloveyou ,, i love that

shall we meet again ?

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