THE 13th

Im so nervous
Indeed we are open ( my heart and I)

I guess I should thank God first for sending me an earth angel

( writers block from the intense flow emotions )

Never. I never dreamed of this. Not even day dream. I pinch myself just to make sure im not dreaming because something good is finally here. I had my bags packed for my new apartment on lonely blvd in sorrow city a next door neighbor to misery,, but y o u

( putting my bags down)
I began to open my bags and unfold all the pain. See I’ve been packing since 89. Plenty of shirts to cover the battle wounds across my chest. All the makeup in the world to create a false happiness upon my face. A nice pair of comfortable shoes with arch support because after a while walking around with such pain your feet become weak making it unable to stand at times ,, but y o u

Wow y o u

9002 31 90

Dear my dear ,,
your journey will begin tomorrow
and it will never end in my heart
as one key to a numbered door
will open many and many more . . . .

I could tell the world how much you mean but it wouldn’t mean a thing if I didn’t tell you first. . .

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