STFU: justcantshutmyplayboymouth

(clearing my throat)
why muthafuckas act like "freedom of speech" is a fragment of someone's imagination?? i mean what is the big deal?? people get soooo up tight about the things i say or do. come on !!
first off IM GROWN
three off IM GROWN BITCH
the whole reason i started dollfcekilla.blogspot.com was because i was bored!! then pple really started following it so i was like fuck it why not school you hoes on a few things such as sex and etc. . .but ever since my nuclearlipstickshit started kickin off you hoes been bumpin yall gums. i mean everybody ,, coworkers ,, twitter followers and just random ass people. they say "all you talk bout is sex" ,, " why are you such as freak and blaaah blahh ". STFU!! Since when did being a freak become against the law? To set the record straight ,, im OPEN ,, im in touch with myself ,, i know who the fuck i am what i like and how the fuck i like it. i make my own money ,, pay my own shit and last time i checked i was a us citizen so i can say whatever the fuck i want. maybe its the fact that you punkbitches mad at me cuz im feeling myself and i have no problem speaking my mind and you cnt without worrying about what other people think. if i cared about what other pple thought id be walking around here like every other broad screamin ITS BARBIE BITCH because i thought it was cool. GET REAAAAAAL ,, barbie is fake and so are u hoes. dnt knock me because i can say shit and not worry about a damn thing after its said. life is way to short to care what you you you or YOU think. if you dnt like my twitts unfollow me,, if you dnt like my blog get the fuck off of it. honey its as simple as that. it takes way more energy to constantly knock me than it does to just keep it lit. to be honest you hoes need to be worshipping the ground i walk on cuz most of this shit i be throwin yo way on this blog is the reason why you still got a nigga. all im sayin is bitch dont bite the hand that feeds you. . . .
shall we meet again??

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