Masturbation: producing sexual arousal (and often orgasm as well) by manual stimulation of the genitals.

(clearing throat) as you all know i am a very sexual person. i believe im only sexual because im intouch with myself. get it "intouch" lmfao. so basically i had a total melt down because i started my period ,, which means no sex (unless u like fucking on strawberrie season eww thizz face). any who when my period comes around it doesnt just mean no sex with my babe(hi boo:-*) ,, it means nooooo touching myself either !!! i could just pull all my hair out strand by strand. yes yes i masturbate bitch ,, you do to your problem is yo ass on the ban wagon with the rest of the boring hoes who believe if you touch YOUR OWN pussy your gonna grow hair in on the palm of your head. WRONGGGGGGGG!! lol i mean come on think about it. who knows you better than you? who can please you better than you? and how the fuck you think somebody gone be able to please you if you cant even please yourself ?! yes masturbating is opinional,, but wouldnt you want the opinion to get to know your body inside and out and feel good while doing it. ooohhhh come on !! what you scared ?? of what bitch ? lol the only thing id be scared of is getting addicted and unable to function like everyday pple ,, yea it is possible to become addicted but who cares lol. im very open with sex and my sexual eperiences because i have sooo much damn fun and i just want yall to as well ! lol i have friends who look at me crazy when they ask me what im doin on my day off and i say " getting myself off ". shit i be stressed out and my boo cnt be there all the damn time right ? lol.

please dont be ashamed or embarrassed masturbation is a healthy and sexually liberating part of any chicas sex life. its the perfect way to learn about your body's sexual responses, so that you can become more sexually confident and a better slut,, i mean lover lol. i dont wanna toot my own horn but i mean come on touchin myself is how i got to be the ali of sex ,, knocking em smoooth out -oh to sleep that is lol. and since i care about all of you love muffins im gonna provide you with a few tips of mine to help you explore and take advantage of your ALONE TIME ;-).

female masturbation is more of a mystery than male because our genitals are more hidden than men. but once you master this art ,, OMG umm more like OMFG!!

get turned on first !
ive said this before and ill say it again there are two types of pple ,, hot and cold. hott ppple like myself are pretty much horny all the time and ready to go lol. but for all those cold pple you cnt jump right into masturbating try putting on some slow music that reminds you of sex or watch a porn(my fav) ,, phone sex is also a good way as well.

use your hands first !
first time jerk offs sinsay pejai is serious when i say dont jump into it. if you never touched yourself with your own hand and go out and buy a vibrator your gonna kill yourself lol. nooo j/k. toys are strong devices and you dnt wanna scare yoself.

note : im just going off my own experience ,, i wont be talking about any anal play cuz i dont fuck with that shit bruh bruh lol.

take yo two fingers put em directly on your clit and draw a circle around your clit with yo middle finger. women like myself enjoy direct clit pressure will fall in love this move. once you get pass rookie level you can try tracing the alphabet or names like i do with your index or middle finger. always begin with a slow, gentle roll and then accelerate the movement until you find the speed that works for you.

there also is the g-spot. now now im not a fan of doing this myself ,, its always better when other pple do it lol. lie on your back with your knees raised and insert your middle finger in a "come hither" motion. on the wall closest to your stomach, you should feel a spongy raised area ,, yeaaa thats the spot biaaaatch lol. because the sensitive part of yo gspot is actually on the other side of several layers of skin, it will respond best to pressure not stroking. try pressing your g-spot ,, if you dnt like it just stop doing it ,, masturbation is never forced. like i said g-spot stimulation aint for everyone. but if you do like it, try stroking yo clit with your other hand ,, a little birdy ( wink wink) told me that g-spot orgasms can make you forget english and slap yo mama lol !!

regardless of the technique you choose ,, is to be nice to yourself. masturbation is for YOU and you only. you are the only person you need to worry about pleasing.do what feels good to you. dont worry about having an orgasm. sheeeiiiit with all the nerve endings in your pussaaaayyy you will enjoy every minute regardless of whether or not you buss. try not to be afraid to move ,, rock ,, grunt ,, scream ,, and cry during sex with yourself. get used to reactions you might have when you lose control be silly be loud just let yourself go and JERK OFF lmfaoooo.

here are a few of my fav quick tips :
1- do it in front of your partner ,, they will love it TRUST
2- in the shower ,, if you have a removeable shower head ur the shit ,, stop reading and get in the shower ,, run now lol
3- toys : multi speed bullets glass dildos and the famous rabbitt ( which all can be found on puredelish.com

are you feeling yourself yet ??
I AM !!!!

shall we meet again ??

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