queef (pussyfart) - An expulsion of trapped air from the vagina during or after sexual intercourse (usually fast paced or deep). queefs are known to have a "wet" sound and occur when an object, usually a penis, creates a vacuum of air inside the vagina, usually because of a certain angle or position, or because of use of a condom, and happen when the penis or object is removed or pushed deeper into the vagina. In women with extremely prominent labia and tight vaginas, a "pussy fart" may resemble a growling noise not unlike that of a feline, which may have given rise to the term "pussy" for the female genitalia.

ok im here to set the record straight about this tall tale of queefing aka pussyfarting. ive had countless conversations with male and female peers who have mixed emotions about the whole pussy fartin topic. most males are thrown off after hearing the sound and wait for the foul smell. pretty much all females are embarrassed. when it first happened to me i was like awww damn pejai did u just fart lmfao. come to find out it was just my sweet juices lol. so many people think bad things about pussyfarting. ive heard "you only fart if your loose" ,, which is totally false because in order to even produce the farting sound you need pressure and u cant have any pressure if you have no walls. sorry boppers looks like your pussy wont be farting lol. the doggystyle position is the position queefin mostly occurs. your ass in the air cheeks spread open ,, which invites more air in and believe it or not your pussy is actually tighter in the doggstyle position which creates the pressure. so ladies next time your ushy gushy and start queefin ,, dnt be embarrased,, embrace it ,, and tell your partner your kitty is meowing and that he or she is stroking her right. release that pussy air fart and be proud !!

shall we meet again ??

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