AWW SHIT GOT DAMN FUCK YOU BITCH MUTHAFUCKING FILTHY CUNT ASS HOE NIGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have you ever just wanted to scream ,, over and over until you go fuckin horse. i do. today is just one of those days where i dont wanna be bothered. like damn give a bitch some space lol i aint a bitch for noo reason i want yall muthafuckas to leeaaavvve me alone. there is only one emotion that can drive you to this egde im bout to fuckin jump off of. l o v e . . . yea bitch just cuz imma gangsta who rocks out with my cock out dont mean shit,, thugs need love too lmao. naw its just man. how can the same emotion make you feel like you on top of the world then the next minute make you feel like you aint shit from a bum's ass. emotions are always extra sensitive like your heart is a fresh 3rd degree burn even one lil touch can hurt. i think i have it bad because i rarely open my heart up AT ALL. i bust my nutts ooooh bellliiieeeeveeee dat lol but love iono ? i aint the mushy type ya know not ya average all on the phone every five mins but this time its different. i dont think ive ever been in love before because this feels wayyyy different i can usually control my temper or tears ( stfu so i cry too lol ) but im totally outta control =/. im just venting because im sure none of my friends wanna be bothered with my love issues lol. uhhhh what to do what to do

shall we meet again

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