OMGGGGGGGGG !!!! i know yall prolly like damn pejai you tooo !! yea stfu i got the new moon bug ,, well maybe just a thing for jacob , played by taylor lautner!!! the movie was sooooo goood lol it actually comes out tomorrow but the wonderful nordstrom had a promotion in bp ,, you know me made a few moves got dev and i tickets. the movies was packed i meeeaaaannn like sardeeeeeeeens in that muthafucka lol. any who iono what the big fuss is about "edward" , played by robert pattinson. he is like all small and shit lol i swear he look like michael jackson lmao. he so damn ugly he start giving me gas in the damn movie lol. and "bella" , played by kristen stewart ,, oooh i aint even gone speak on her ,, thats one weird lookin cant fuckin act ass broad lol. the movie was good but man i was like wtf can i see a lil action lol like they got jacob all oiled up in shit hell they barely had tongue action in that thang lol. but hey every vampire movie aint true blood and every movie period aint porn lol ... o welp really breaks my heart lol. im really tired tho i got court in the morning ,, yes imma drug dealer bitches lol naw j/k. before i cutt out immma leave yall with a few pics and yall all better go see new moon then come to b.p nordstrom and buy some new moon shit SHIT lol hooollllaaaaaaaaaa !!

shout out to jaena ,, emillie ,, and devin !!
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