SHE DID WHAT ?? : Smashed the Homies

ever since vh1 launched the first season of the hit reality tv show "for the love if ray j" this fuckin phrase has been sweeping the nation. " she smashed the homies " if you seen the show you know exactly what im talking bout. if you dnt ( where the fuck have you been under a rock) smashing the homie is quite simple to explain ,, example :
james and brian are friends
keyshia fucked brian but didnt know james or that they were friends
keyshia some how meets james
she fucks him too
james and brian now discover they fucked the same chick
all together now SHE SMASHED THE HOMIE !!
its kinda like that rkelly and usher song same girl.
anywaysssssssss im writing this blog because i hear tooo many sides about how pple feel about "smashing the homies" and frankly the shit is annoying !!! lately "smashing the homies" has been a small trending topic on twitter and often the topic has created heated ass arguements.
so tell me whats the issue with smashing the homie?? and why is it an issue in the first damn place?!! pple come on ,, this world is tooo damn small for you to get butt hurt off of that. its the past you cant change that. what kills me is it the male fuck face excuse for a species that keeps this homie smashing shit going. yall niggas know yall the main ones runnin around here fuckin everybody shit lol. naw really tho ,, i had my share of smashing the homies ( noooo i aint a hoe shit lol ). ive only done it twice(see how i said only lmfao) and the first time i didnt even know the two shit heads knew eachother ( and for the record they both cant fuck -_-).
the first time i discovered i smashed the homie i wasnt ok with it. i felt like i was being looked down upon because of a carless mistake i made years before i even met that guy i was involved with. lets paint the scene :
back in 06 i had a one time sexual intercounter with ,, mmmmm lets call him miguel. fast foward in 08 i met ,, lets call him david. david and i began dating serious for 6months. but peep game,, just because i knew i liked david and could see myself with him as soon as i found out him and miguel were friends ( which was within the first week i met him ) i told him what happen between miguel and i so he wouldnt hear no twisted up bullshit fromt he next person mouth. so like the mature gentlemen i thought he was he understood(well so i thought) it was my past and he wasnt trippin. so tell me why this nigga dumped me six months later talkin bout he was uncomfortable because i smashed the homie. nooooooooow aint that some shit !! lol so because i so called smashed the homie i got dumped. but it clearly happened before the two were even " homies ". its like come on ,, our relationship was coo we were like bffs but that OLD ASS SHIT killed it lol. after i almost felt ashamed but i snapped back and realized that it was a mistake and if i gained a lesson from it thats all that mattered. and i also realized ole david was a weak nigga.
the second time i soo called smashed the homie ,, i wasnt worried about how i would be looked at because its just sex. its never that serious. i talked to this one boy got tired of talkin to him ,, his friend looked cute figured id smash ,, smashed and kept it pushin.
in some cases smashing the homies is shady. but in others its just something that happened ,, happens ,, and will always happen. so if your lover smashed the homie dont judge them because of it ,, look at it based on what they learned from it . . .
shall we meet again ?

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