Big Boys Like Toys

recently i had a friend of mine ask me " how do i introduce my toy to my boyfriend? ". when you think of toys or vibrators im pretty sure you think about lesbians and ask yourself why the hell would a male and female want one during intercourse. honestly fellas toy can do things to a woman a man will never be able to do ,, well with his bare hands that is. if your girl brings a toy dont get upset!! and ladies just dont bring a toy into the bedroom without warning its almost like cheating and bringing the person along you cheated with. here are ways you can both enjoy your new age threesome :

1 Let him know that you understand he if he isnt 100% behind it at first and that you understand it is a new thing you and him both as whole would have to get used to using it together

2 Comfort his fears that it normal and many couples do it and you guys arent the only ones joined by a toy

3 Tell him ( over and over if you have too ) that you dont want to use the toy because he isnt good enough. many males will be quick to assume they are being replaced by a machine. hey throw him some game and say " even the best carpenters use power tools " lmfao hey it may work !! let him know he physically cant do what a vibrator can with his own hands but they cant kiss you hold you love you like he can. let him know all the good things he does in and out of a bed and double a batteries in a machine could never own up to that. you are not replacing him.

4 Explain why you wanna use it. ( every woman is different )
-might use it to spice up the bedroom
-you maybe not be able to come without it because you need constant clit stimulation and a hand or tongue might not trigger a nutt

5 Let him know he cant hurt you with the vibrator unless he is beating you upside the head with it. but if you do have a hood or clit ring you may want to cautious because it is possible to burn off skin

6 Be willing to make a trade. if he does this for you ,, you should only be fair and do something he would want as well

If none of these steps work you s.o.l lmfao j./k. wait and bring it up later or simply use it solo. i would use it in front of him to be honest ,, by your reactions to the vibrator he may become curious about it on his own.

goodluck !!! let me kno how it goes

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