P.P : thejuice

ok on the video below i spoke on the gift of p.p pussypower the juice whatever you wanna call it. i honestly feel kinda bad cuz for the bitches who have no .0z of juice ,, cuz its prolly not yall fault yall weak. ( *tears* ). if i wanna a least try to elevate this low life sorry excuse for a species of females i guess i can put yall on a lil bit. i said a lil cuz you bitches still are bitches and will take this shit for granted so ask for a mile all you want hoe im giving yo ass an inch !

fundamentals of the j u i c e
1- confidence
understand that there is always someone bigger and better out there regardless if they down the street or 15hours away on a plane. but the key is to understand this and not show it. now bitches dnt switch this a think im saying fake like you the shit. but if that ur the baddest bitch right here and right now. niggas dnt like hoes who are insecure ,, if u doubting yo own juice bitch the next muthafucka will

2- shut the fuck up
stop talking all the got damn time. take some mental notes bitch. how u gone observe and scope the scene if you too busy runnin yo mouth. dnt say shit or speak on shit if you aint see or hear it fasho. messy aint an ingredient in the juice bitch so dnt thinking bout adding it.

3- the next bitch
ok i have a problem with this. I HATE STUPID SHIT and every now and then one of you bitches decide to do something stupid and i like to talk about you and how stupid you are ,, look and etc for entertainment purposes or being annoyed or bored. off top you shouldnt speak on the next bitch or nigga period buuuttt eeeehhh since everybody loves to abuse freedom of speech it will happen from time to time. a bitch who got the juice aint worried about any other broad. whether you know her or not. a juice bitch just worried bout quinchin thirst not gossip. its rather hard but not impossible. but if you just haaaaaave to speak on the next bitch do two things : either say something nice or be ready to confront the bitch if she finds out you been speaking on her.

4-dnt waste time
bitch tick tock the fuckin clock is ticking ur pussy is gettin old soon yo titties gone sag and the whole 9 u aint got time to waste. use your time wisely cuz new bitches are being born everyday and ready to knock u down believe dat.

5- relax

please dont take everything so serious its all fun and games and there is a time and place for everything LIFE IS TOO SHORT

6-step your cookies up
ugh i hate that phrase cuz u bitches throw it around sooo fuckin looselyy like gay porn stars ass hole but ms.minaj speaks the truth. dnt hate. this should almost be combined with #3 ,, dnt hate. if the next muthafucka doing it big or bigger than you bitch #TAKENOTES. for example:
if you see this bitch who aint so hott but she turns heads dnt hate bitch say to yourself what is she doing right. observe that bitch. study that hoe and if u figure out what it is she doing or got u aint ,, fix it. do what she doing in YOUR OWN WAY ,, dnt jock a bitch ,, im not coo with that jock shit but put yo twist on how she doing her shit u feel me. this goes for relationships or sexual relations as well. bitch even tho yo pussy aint that powerful it got power bitch dependin on what nigga u fuckin with girl yo ass maybe god(to him). work the pussy right. if u get cheated on figure out how u wasnt workin yo pussy then work it 10 times harder hoe. then u got snatching. if yo nigga get snatched or whatever u do two things : if the bitch aint bad dnt roast cus apparently she prolly bad then a muthafucka in some sort of way if she snatchin or if the bitch is fuckin with it and shittin on you by all means let yo nigga go cuz in reality he is prolly better off. just make sure u step your muthafuckin cookies up so i dont happen again

7- use your muthafuckin noodle
pussy ass titties cute face and all the other physical shit can only get u so far. stay on yo toes hoe like u fred flinstone bowlin bitch. everything must be a riddle/puzzle to you ,, u aint smart enough to sit down and solve the shit off top AND THATS OK. think shit through. i mean everything from all angles. once u master problem solving and critical thinkin u pretty much coo. plus nobody really like a bitch especially and dumb bitch at that. ask any nigga a bitch who think straight gives good brain *think about it*

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