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fake lesbian: when a girl pretends to be a lesbian and therefore turns on a member of the opposite sex

fake lesbianism a epidemic that is brainwashing girls from the 14- 24 at alarming rate! it’s the same bitches who said they would never “ fuck with a girl “ are now fucking girls. I personally think you can thank katey perry for bringing fake lesbian to mainstream suburb girls with her song “ I kissed a girl “ ( I love the song tho ). And we can also can give a round applause to the wonderful nicki minaj who I think is fake all together but I love her music as well lol. Ive noticed since ms nicki began to brake onto the scene many of my peers ( young African american females ) have be obsessed with “ signing boobs “ and “ getting a bad bitch “. I have yet to see either one of these celebs kiss girls or anything that’s has to do with being “ bi or gay “. I also thought about it ,, sex sales ( duh pejai bitch ) so of course I cant knock them for getting money pretendin to bone hott chicks. But come on half you bitches I see or hear who claim they like girls dnt get paid to “ fuck bitches ”. so whats the deal ?????

Along with the media portraying it is A ok to be promiscuous with men and women I also believe there are other reason why women “ turn” or become sick from fake lesbianism.

Curiosity - lets all be honest many females have thought about what it is like to be with a woman. Many have friends who have had an “ sexual experience” with the same sex and find it amazing. Porn also can be an eye opener. I mean on if you watch enough lesbian scenes you would want to act it out as well.

Males problems - many rape victims or young women who were molested by men tend to lean toward women to feel a since of control which they didn’t have during the time they were over powered by men. Sad to say a lot of young women have poor judgement in who they choose as a partner so they get tired of going in a cycle of cheating and lies with men and go to females. WHICH DOES NOT MAKE IT BETTER IT’S THE SAME SHIT.

Lemme explain something to you dumb bitches if you think fuckin with a bitch is a easy way out of heart break ur a dumb ass bitch and u need to go to hell on a full “dumb bitch” scholarship. Bitches are catty and moody ,, and if she is a stud she prolly has an ego issue. Most les relationships are violent as well. So think again wannabe cunt lover !!

Mother issues- we also have the young women who didn’t have a mother or had a mother who wasn’t there emotionally so they look for it in women.

Converters- converters are lesbians who find straight girls to prey on. a lot of women think about women but don’t act on it. And ladies sorry bitches are just like niggas and will game u up to get in yo draws. So if you have this broad in yo ear telling you all the right shit ( especially if you’re a weak bitch) you will fall right in the trap .

Now a days it is easy to convert bitches. 2 so called straight bitches can convert themselves. You know they might be bff in the open but behind close doors they are fucking. But there is a big difference between liking girls and “liking girls”. some females think the female body is beautiful and would have noooo problem totally bangin a bitch from time to time lol. Now that is just a bitch who wants to have fun. You also got yo bitch who wants to bang bitches because there “idol” is that’s a fake les. Then you got the hoes who just all around love bitches and will be with a bitch along with fucking her too. Then you got the bitches who do shit on the under. You know bitches be on the d.l too lol. I know a few hoes like that. You know tha ones who fuck bitches and say they like girls but dnt tell anyone because deep down they are ashamed or not sure of themselves. First off if you aint sure of yo self you dnt need to b fuckin with niggas or bitches (yall see how my lingo got ghetto).

The thing is with this fake lesbians or for show bi girls ,, they like to bragging about bitches or the gay lifestyle. They brag about things they don’t know. Most bitches are not mentally and emotionally strong enough to go through the bullshit that lesbians go through. For example prop8 and bashing even hate crimes and etc.. its like a slap to the face to girls who truly love women 100%.

To sum up a long story. Fake lesbianism is out there. Be yourself ,, don’t follow trends to try and become someone you are not or pick up a lifestyle you arent ready for and may regret so you can attract guys or be “ cool “. If you wanna have fun and be katey perry for a night and kiss bitches then that’s fine ,, but at the same time don’t degrade yourself as a person as a WOMAN. Your actions always reflect the pple around you and most importantly yourself.

shall we meet again ??

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