ummm the introooo

see that girl up there ,, well i wouldnt say girl ,, more like the soul of an old skooo pimp trapped inside a undercover sex kitten's body. yea thats me pejai(pj) and as you can tell im not too happy with the fact i have a vagina. any who i created this blog for one reason and one reason only. REASON: for most of my life i have always been timid not really saying too because i was always taught to be seen and not heard. i would get bullied and all sorts of crap because i would never speak up for myself. then one day i woke up on the wrong side of the bed(which is either side for me) and said ," fuck it !! ,, bitch this is america ,, you have the freedom to say whatever you like however you like when the fuck ever you like !!! ". . .but hell that didnt work either. i would get looked at as a " bitch " because i would see a 385lbs woman at the buffet ,, takin advantage of the all you can eat special complaining about how huge she is and out loud state a well known fact. BITCH YOU FAT LEAVE SOME FUCKIN FOOD FOR US! after been called a bitch and not keepin a steady friend because of my reactional out loud thoughts ,, i realized there is a time and place for everything. a light bulb went off and BAM ,, here i am sitting on my bed with a cup of hott chocolate,, listening to the sweet sounds of porn and typing this blog!! just like the fat lady at the buffet ,, i will take full advantage of voicing my opinion about everything(if its worth writing about). here i am people DOLLFCEKILLA !!

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