you tripping if you kissing

first off i just wanna say kissin is hella nasty lol .. i say it all the time. i cnt watch people kiss or ill vomit. so if you are ever kissing and you hear " oh hell naw ,, go get a got damn room i dnt wanna see that shit " ,, its probably me lol. people mainly guys ask me how i get in the mood before intercourse without a whole punch of kising. its not that i dnt kiss at all but i would prefer not to. most of the time when i kiss its because who ever im kissin has forced me lol. i usually dont need to get in the mood for intercourse ,, im pretty much ready to go all the time lol. but if needed i will kiss other body parts to avoid kissing on the lips. when i was in the 5th grade i had a bad kissing experience(yes he tried to eat my face) i was pretty much through with kissing after that. i have a phobia of saliva(slob) ,, and to make matters worst those girls on flavor of love made me never want to kiss again lol. not only is kissing down right nasty but is dangerous and harmful to your health...(reallyy ... ooh yesss really my friend) mononucleosis has been called the kissing disease for a while now and it aint noo kiddy illness either.
you can suffer from sore throat ,, fever ,, weakness ,, very tired ,, sleeping a lot ,, dizziness ,, tenderness in the abdomen. people complain they just cnt stay awake long enough to concentrate ,, physical activity tire them out easily. symptoms may take four to six weeks to show. shit people have infected others without knowing. lol you might wanna think twice before you go around slamming yo tongue down some hot girl or guy's throat. lol i know yall like damn pejai you make me not even wanna kiss anymore lol. i guess they are gonna have to start making tongue condums lol. soo ladies and gentlemen its safe to say you trippin if you kissing lol.

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