Robert Is In The Building

yes bitches my god-son is here !!! Robert the third aka lil rob. this shit is crazy yo lol i cnt believe i got a god son. for the longest i would turn my face up when my older family members asked if i was ever going to give birth. but its beautiful i might fuck around and get knocked up. of course when the time is right lol. the funny thing is when my play sister(donyae) first told me she was pregnant i was wishin for a boyyy. she went to the doctor and i guess she found out it was a girl ,, to be honest i was pretty bumbed but shit i was still happy i was gonna be a god mom. then when she was pushin so called nacoyah out she became robert lol. now i got a beautiful soon to be mackin ass god son yea!!! congrads to big robert and donyae botley and the addition to the family !!!! jan 30,2009 you beeezzzzzyyyyy !!

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