OPEN YA EARS FOO : Justin Porter

ok this is my first music blog. it may be my last because im trying not to be like those other blogs out there who update you on the new music and blah blah all that bullshit !! NOOOO NO NO!!! im here to put you on game ya know. so check it. i was on myspace a few months ago and i came across a music page. first off most of the music on myspace is GARBAGE lol. soorry people a hot beat aint shit and most of yall dont have a hot beat lol. any who i came across this guys page (Justin Porter). i fell out instantly. music to me is kinda like a persuasive essay the first 45 seconds of a song are very important. and let me tell you mr.porter's 45 seconds had my ears drums craving more and more. his beats sound professional not like the music i hear(you know made by the fruityloops application ,, with that same ass clap every second). he has one song called "give it to you" ,, not only is the beat hott but he was sayin shit i wanted a nigga to say me to.(yes people i did get a tad bit moist). the thing i like about his music is that he doesnt try and sound like anything else ,, straight original and i dig that. music is always at its best when you can listen to the lyrics and vision them happening to you. ive had his song on my myspace for about 3 months lol maybe even longer. i feel like good music is like gossip so im spreading the word ,, JUSTIN PORTER SLAPS lol. he also has a blog as well as a myspace. so show him love tell em dollfcekilla sent ya !!. www.myspace.com/jpthe13th

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