the RIGHT one (aintnosuchthang)

so i guess in life theres a time line :
1- pass 8th grade
2- go to high school
3- attend junior and senior prom ,, during senior prom get wasted and laid.
4- go on to college
5- first two years of college be a total slut bag
6- last to years meet the love of your life ,, your soul mate the RIGHT one

but is there really such a thing as the right one?? ok lets take jayz and beyonce for instance. hov is labeled one of the hottest rappers in the game. and on top of that he has wifed the hottest bitch in the game(well to society or the public because personally beyonce is just iight ,, gay pple make her hotter than what she is). look to the left ,, dont they look like just the perfect couple. both on top of the game arent they just the right ones for eachother ?? (wrong !!) remember those rumors going around about hov and 106's and park's vj free ,, or how he and rihanna got a lil thang going on, or how bout those two dumb hoes (super head && nas ex-wife/babymama) saying they slept with him and soo on. what if they were true. lets just say right now breakin news this just in beyonce's husband jayz ,, the RIGHT one ,, admits to geting free pregnant and fuckin rihanna ,, would he be the RIGHT one then. honestly people that RIGHT one soul mate shit is wack and no im not just some bitter bitch who hates all men because i got played this and that time. i dont hate men ,, i dont think all men are just alike ,, if i did i would be a got damn lesbo. but what im sayin is that how can you say someone is he RIGHT one for you and with one little mistake they can be the wrong one. come on think about it ; beyonce is sitting down with her sister solange and mother tina talkin bout how jay is her soul mate and blah blah then BOOM !! there goes the 808 bomb on her ass ,, her nigga hov been cheating. so what he aint the RIGHT one now huh?? one late night when beyonce is away he decided free's ass is just as big and wanted to bone ,, and nigga slip up one time and his RIGHT one title is snatched. what im saying is yo nigga aint perfect i dont give a fuck how good the dick is how much attention he gives you and all that good shit he a nigga he got two nutts and one dick just like every other nigga ,, sex runs through his mind every 3 seconds just like every man with a dick does. shit i aint got no dick imma always thinkin bout slappin something lol. so what i dont get is why everyones running around here like i want the RIGHT one ,, when everyone is the right one until they make one mistake. people need to stop puttin so much pressure on there mates. when im in a relationship im pretty firm about how i run. aint no circle shit with me. and the only way you will get another chance is if you truly proved you learned from yo mistake. people get there hopes up about a relationship and when the shit dont go right they wanna walk around like fuck niggas and bitches aint shit and all that. everybody aint what they cracked up to be feel me ,, you cnt knock a nigga for not being perfect if you aint say they were in the first place. aint nuttin wrong with being in love and thinking you have the right one. but let me kick some game to you love aint never stopped nobody from cheating or slipping up and making mistakes. so that right one you running round here claiming can prove they are the wrong one. the RIGHT one nawww aint no such thang.

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  1. Comments From HArry Jamerson

    Well i believe there is the "Right One" like i believe in the love God has for me. the reason why beyonce and Jay Z look so clean toghther because there are two People at thier prime. I always ask my self am i the best person i can be? and the first thought that come to mind is No. there always room for more improvement. We tend to want instant Gratification for are wrong doings. you mean to tell me i can get Fat All day and expect to get a woman like beyonce? the world doesnt work like that lol, If we lack self Respect and self Love How can be in a relationship where we want someone to treat us better than we treat ourselves. as Far as jay Z and his personal life cheating and other things obviously its not a big deal or its prolly not even true if there still going. Its about the Friendship of a relationship how strong is it. i feel you about the love things tho people do be quick when they make mistakes to say its love which i disagree on but people dont know that we use that term so loosely that nobody know what it is. so i believe people should define what love is for them seleves so they can know what criteria to follow when stuff is going wrong. And i agree about these relationships these days there all sexual and sex complicates everything. but not to change your opinion but it all boils down to are you the best you and is at prime in life? and its funny because nobody will ever find the right one till the find what THEY want. people get hurt going after the same things when niggas is just exploring there options because females gave them that opurtunity to. so PJ i believe there is the right one but i believe you got to be the right you and having inner happiness before throwing in the towel ps.. I love you you like brah i wrote this cause im to bored in my dorm