i really dont wear jordans anymore ,, not because everyone has them but not cute ones have came out. well the christmas package was hott but i fuckin missed out and didnt get em !! im still mad at my self for that shooot !!!! but the jordans now are ugly iono what mike over there doing cuz they all look the same now like air force ones and shit. but i love when old numbers come out in a new age version. like these ones !! these are hott !! im not a big fan of pink but shittttt imma where these to church on easter lol. the release date isnt posted up on 23isback.com yet but i will fasho keep checking back. and everybody keep yo fingers crossed for some cute jays in may(my birthday month). and there is this cute ass juicy bag i will cash out for that match these kicks. ugh im soooo excited. i havent been excited for jordans since my hoodrat days lol

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