Good Shit

dollfcekilla ft. shedevil && sywhatitdo
this weekend wassssss wild !!!!! heres a recap
paid 25 for a parkin spot UGH
swoop cboy
met up with sy dev and sheshe
dave akicks kam along with cboy came over cracked jokes and slept over
went to sleep at 5 woke up at 8
kicked the boys out
drove to frisco in hail
my fuckin room was leakin so i had to get repair man man man man on they ass
back to s.l to get dress for a pj party
swoop talika from bart
harrassed my lil bro and his friends
dev drove my car to san jose
left the lights on while in the pary(4 hours)
shook the fuck outta my ass and sweat my hair out
got a few numbers (yo know)
fight broke out party ended
niggas started bussin and my car battery was dead so we sat there for 30mins and watched niggas shoot up hella shit
almost died
finally got a jump
went home
got written up at work
good shit

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