More Pastry Plz(article from tba)

It looks like the Simmons sisters are taking Pastry up a notch, even though they’ve been in a little bit of “hot water” as of late. The duo announced last week that their partnership with August Accessories, will design, manufacture, and sell the Pastry Accessories line. The girls will play a major role in the design and creation of the accessory collection.

Dan Maravilla, Vice President Of Sales at August Accessories Says: “It makes perfect sense, Pastry is young and all about moving forward, not looking back and we are geared in much the same way. We are excited to launch this new collection and believe the response will be tremendous.”

Pastry Accessories will be available at select department stores nationwide and is slated to arrived in stores come late spring / early fall - just in time for the “Back To School” season. The collection will range in price from $15.00 to $150.00 dollars.

because i love angela soooo much i just threw in a lil video :

angela simmons - center of attention

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