looks like crack cocaine cant even stop mary j. every time she does something its hott. but hopefully here new movie move is hott as well. mary is set to star in the new tyler perry movie “I Can Do Bad All By Myself”. mary is said to be playing will be playing a nightclub manager ,, this will be her first return to the screen since she guest started on the tv show entourage back in 2007. the movie is to be in theaters sometime this september.

as for rihanna ,, that chris brown as whooping aint stopping her either. miss umbrella is reportedly in talks to star in the 1992 hit film (staring Whitney Houston) The Bodyguard.
debut. It looks as though Rihanna is back to work on a serious note. according to the daily news as source tells the nyc paper:

“before the situation with chris, rihanna was getting a lot of scripts. she’s been wanting to do movies for a while now.”

i think rihanna is straight set tripping if she thinks she can top the performance whitney houston displayed in that movie. . . well we can only wait and see. miss umbrella sure has some big shoes to fill out .

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