so basically keri hilson is the shit ,, its official i love her and solange. ive totally jumped on the ban wagon with everybodyy. i copped her cd ,, which came out yesterday march 24 2009 and its hott.

my fav song right now is #8 " Intuition " :

its about her really feeling this guy but she knows eventually he gonna mess up(thats how im feelin about my crush =/).

she got a joint with trina and keysh called "Get Ya Money Up" .. over all the album is pretty dope ,, pollow and timberland createD a total musicial beast - ms. keri. she even has a new videeoo out with kayne and neyooo and its dope as well. in her other video make love (teaser video) she is totally makin kanye look like a sex symbol. i never thought i would say this but i kinda get off seein him in her videos weird huh lol. any who enjoy =]

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