a couple of weeks ago ,, i was at work in a bad ass mood mad at the world for what reason i dont know. as we all know the economy is really bad which means people arent spending as much money which also means that people arent really shopping ,, which leads to me being super bored at work(nordstrom). because im dumbass bored i usually have my phone on the floor and text and whatever. so i get a pic message from my bestfriend devin. and it a pic of her shittin at her job(macys). so my mood goes from bad to pissed the fuck off !! im like devin wtf ?!! so im yelling and ratting a raving how nasty it was and how im having a bad ass day and she just told me to let that shit go lol. and i thought about it LET THAT SHIT GO! lol i was mad for nooo reason. i started thinking to myself that i need to treat life like shit ,, let go of the bullshit and wipe my ass forever from it. so whenever you feel stressed out go sit on the toilet and literally let that shit go lol. or just remember these pics and laugh yo ass off lol. shout out to my bestfriend devin aka kidd est.1994.

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