yes im back ,, i havent been blogging alot cuz ive been too busy copping new porn lol . .. no really my room is getting re done ( new carpet painting and everything) so i havent had time to update,, sorry. what been going on with me ? well . . . lets see ,, ive decided to change my way of dressing so by the summer you should notice slow changes in my style. san jose's club raw was smackin hard (yes a few numbers as always lol). i bought lady gaga's cd ( A MUST HAVE ). my face is breaking out due to a overload of chocolate bars. i have a crush on a guy (i think let me not speak too soon). i also have been looking into getting my clit pierced (just a thought people). my love for megan good as grown even stronger. my g1 got a virus because of the amount of porn ive been downloading lol. my cuzzin came out of the closet to her father(im proud of you). i fell in love with liquid liner and boyfriend tees. i figured out my next tattoos. i will be attending laney college in the summer. the roots is the best band on earth besides maroon 5. i am so over the rihanna and chris brown shit. im ready for my birthday to roll around. i realized that im a player damn and its kinda cool. you can google me keyword dollfcekilla. im back like retro clothes bitches. shout out to pat peanut edwin and devin.

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  1. wait lol, you can download porn on a g1, shit what about an iphone lol. who in the hell do you do that ?